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Program Guidelines [.pdf]

The community of Orange hosts many events annually and appreciate the importance in which events bring to this community. Organisations wishing to hold events in the Local Government Area of Orange are invited to apply for event sponsorship.

Event Sponsorship CategoryInformationApplication Form
Incubator Event FundProvides seed funding to events in their first or second year of activity to assist them in getting their event up and running.Incubator Event Fund Application Form [.pdf]
Flagship Event FundAssists the development of events that have been running for 2 years or more and contribute to the Orange360 tourism region and demonstrate that they attract overnight visitation. Flagship Event Fund Application Form [.pdf]
Event Development FundSupports established events that have already received funding from Council in previous years and can present a comprehensive strategy for future growth that includes the continued development of its tourism potential to drive overnight visitation to the event. Event Development Fund Application Form [.pdf]
Quick Response FundThis fund is for larger events where the opportunity for sponsorship occurs outside usual application timeframes. For further details regarding the quick response fund and eligibility please contact Council’s Business Development Team. We encourage you to assess your event on the funds above.Contact Council’s Business Development Team: [email protected]
Cover Application FormInclude this document with your sponsorship application form.Cover Application Form [.pdf]

For more details on the fund categories, eligibility and information to assist in your application please read the Event Sponsorship Guidelines. [.pdf] It is recommended that prospective applicants thoroughly read the guidelines prior to applying to ensure their event meets the minimum requirements.

To apply for event sponsorship all applications must have an Event Sponsorship Cover Application with one of the corresponding Event Fund Category Applications for the category you are applying for. Please return to Council prior to the closing date: [email protected]

Event and Application Dates

Eligible event dates are listed in the table below along with opening and closing dates to submit your application. Applications for the 2020/2021 financial year have closed and successful applications have been notified.

Financial Year 2021/2022

RoundEligible event datesApplications OpenApplications Close
21 October 2021 – 31 December 202116 June 202116 July 2021
31 January 2022 – 31 March 20221 October 202114 November 2021
41 April 2022 – 30 June 20221 January 202213 February 2022

Council’s Chief Executive Officer to be given delegation to finalise determination for the Event Sponsorship Round 2 applications post exhibition.

Event sponsorship cannot be granted unless you have completed and submitted an event application form. If you have any questions or need assistance please contact Council and speak with the Business Development Team.

Strategic Policy – ST144 – Event Sponsorship Program Policy