Extra effort to protect rare tree

By October 22, 2019News, Water

Orange City Council’s tree crew is going to an extra effort to protect a rare tree from the impact of the current drought.

The tree, growing near the entrance of the Orange Aquatic Centre is one of a handful of sequoia trees growing in parks around Orange.

It’s estimated the tree is more than 100 years old, but it’s currently showing signs of stress caused by the drought.

A native of high-altitude areas of California, the trees grow for hundreds of years and can reach a huge size. Cook Park also has a number of sequoia trees.

In a bid to slowly increase soil moisture levels around the root-area of the tree, the council tree crew members have placed three large 1,000 lite water containers near the base of the tree, which have been filled with water from a nearby groundwater bore.

Long drip-lines have been placed nearby, running out from each container which will slowly release water.

To make the most of the water, the lines have been covered in mulch to further reduce evaporation.

EXTRA HELP : Open space supervisor Dean Sutherland is pictured with one of the three water tanks being used to release water to a stressed Sequoia tree.



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