Financial assistance up for grabs

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Orange City Council is calling on Orange community groups to put their hand up for a share of about $180,000 worth of financial assistance.

Orange Mayor Reg Kidd said community groups and volunteer organisations were the back bone of our community and he was proud council had donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to worthy associations in the past.

“These people are one of the reasons Orange is such a wonderful place to live,” Cr Kidd said.

“Each year, council calls on these groups to put in an application for a share of the financial assistance that is available.

“We’d love to help everyone with every request but the reality is, we only have a certain amount we can donate. It is important groups fill in their applications soon so they have the best chance of getting over the line.

“There are several categories in which groups can apply for assistance, for example it could be a rate reimbursement, event sponsorship, hire fee reduction or a direct financial grant.

“It is important groups get organised and get their applications in as soon as possible because some of the financial assistance is only available once a year.

“Just because a group has received help in the past doesn’t mean the support will happen again automatically.

“Groups need to reapply to let us know that help is still needed.”

Information about which grants are available, how often applications are sought and how to apply can be found on Orange City Council’s website.

As part of the application process, there is a focus on identifying the local benefit the event or project will bring to the Orange community.

In some of the application forms, there is also a section for applicants to identify which local businesses they will use – so Council can try to track the broader benefit and impact of this program.

“Being able to support local community groups is one of the best parts of being on council and I strongly encourage every one of Orange’s community organisations to put their hand up,” Cr Kidd said.

Examples of previous grants include funding for hosting exchange students, placing advertising banners in the main street at no cost to the organiser, event sponsorship and competition prize giving.

The deadline for applications is June 7, at 5pm.


Financial assistance up for grabs


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