Footpath construction along Peisley Street begins

As of Sunday 20th October, Orange City Council will begin work on a new concrete footpath in Peisley Street between Franklin Road and East Fork pedestrian bridge on the eastern side of the street.

Construction of the footpath will be completed in three stages.
Stage 1 begins at the start of the driveway near Boc Gas & Gear, and will run south to East Fork Bridge, finishing at the existing East Fork driveway.
Stage 2 will start at the intersection of Franklin Road, head south along Peisley Street and will finish at CNW Electrical. The crushed granite footpath will remain intact between stages 1 and 2.
Stage 3 will start at the East Fork, Forest Road side, and run south up to Stephens Place.
Orange City Mayor Cr Reg Kidd said “The construction of this new footpath near the East Fork will be of a huge benefit to nearby residents who will shortly be able to make good use of it.”
The alignment of the footpath will be determined around existing services and fixed structures. All of the existing fixed structures and services within these areas along the nature strip will be backfilled with topsoil and grass seed mix. Due to the limited space for the new footpath, Council may remove and replace a number of trees.
Orange City Council’s Infrastructure Committee Chair Cr Jeff Whitton said “This development will mean people are able to walk from the Orange Health Service right into the CBD along the footpath once construction in complete. A major step in the right direction for accessibility in and out of town.”
Orange City Council has contacted all affected residents and businesses in that area, and asks that no vehicles are parked on the nature strips, until the project is complete. This will ensure the construction of the new footpath can be done in a safe and timely manner.
There will be some disruption to street parking and pedestrian movements during this work. Council will make every effort to minimise the disturbance that may be caused.
Work is scheduled to take place between the hours of 7.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Sunday.

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