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Last weeks to have your say on Orange’s heritage study

By June 5, 2019June 21st, 2019Major DAs, News

There are six more weeks for local residents to have their say about the review of Orange’s heritage study.

Orange City Council held two workshops with the public last month in relation to the review of the existing heritage study.

At the workshops it was suggested that the materials and resources that were made available, be made available on Council’s website.

The documents can be found from these links :

This document is a brief overview of the review process : HERITAGE STUDY REVIEW – the process

This document is a helpful guide prepared by NSW Office of Environment and Heritage on heritage significance : Assessing heritage significance

There is a guide on heritage listing and what it means for you, also by NSW OEH. : Heritage Listing 2010 final

This document includes guidelines for nominations to the stage heritage register which relates to nominations of State Heritage Items as opposed to local heritage items; but it nonetheless provides useful generally information around the process :  Nominations Guidelines

There are two nomination forms; a blank form which is titled Orange Heritage Inventory and one titled State Heritage Register Nomination form. Again, the latter form is for nominating State Items, but it also can be used for this review process as it contains a lot of the necessary questions to be asked when nominating / suggesting a heritage listing :

Nominations Form Jun 2008

SHI Blank form

To assist council staff in the review process, we ask that people who want to make a submission do so using either of these forms and provide Council with as much historic information as possible.

It’s not essential to use the provided form and we would accept a simple email submission, but completing one of the attached forms as a submission would  greatly assist the review process.

The closing date for comments and submissions is 31 July 2019.


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