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Limited use of hand-held hoses permitted

By December 6, 2018News

Orange residents may use hand-held hoses for an hour, within the existing water restriction guidelines after the change was made during an Orange City Council meeting Tuesday night.

Orange Mayor Reg Kidd said the Council had listened to ratepayers, and the change was reasonable in terms of allowing residents to maintain gardens, while still conserving the region’s supply.

“Allowing the use of hand-held hoses, for one hour, on alternative days, within the existing allowable time periods, is a good compromise,” Cr Kidd said.

Cr Glenn Taylor said Orange residents had always been good at conserving water.

Hoses are permitted for one hour, every second day.

Hoses are permitted for one hour, every second day.

“Because of that community-wide effort, we can make this change, knowing residents are doing all they can to help us make our supply go further,” he said.

“I am confidence this change will not impact Orange’s water use.”

Level three water restrictions began on Saturday, December 1 and will continue until Orange’s combined water storage level goes above 60 per cent.

Cr Kidd encouraged residents to share any water saving tips to help everyone pitch in to reduce our water use.

“Mulch is a great way to get the most out of watering and it’s good at keeping the weeds at bay,” Cr Kidd said.

“We have a great water saving resource on Council’s website, which can help you reduce water in all areas of the home, and also reduce your bills.”

Head to Smart Water Advice.

Level 3 Water Restrictions

One of the key differences between level two and level three water restrictions is the use of sprinklers is not permitted. Using a hand-held hose, for one hour per day, during the designated time periods, is now permitted.

Gardens & Lawns

Garden beds, trees, shrubs and lawns may be watered between 6am-9am and between 6pm–9pm every second day under the odds and evens system using microsprays, drip systems and soaker hoses only. Hand-held hoses may only be used for one hour, every second day, during the above times.  The use of sprinklers is not permitted.

Watering of new turf is allowed for one week after laying, then level 3 restrictions will apply.

Garden Water Features

Garden water features can be filled and topped up.

Cars and other vehicles

Washing vehicles at home is allowed on any day between 9 am and 12 noon. Vehicles must be washed on the lawn using only a bucket.

Swimming pools and outside spas

The first fill of a pool and topping up of swimming pools and external spas is allowed any day between 7am-9am and between 6pm-8pm provided pool covers are used.

Bore water, rainwater and water from other sources

Homeowners are encouraged to use all water conservatively, however the restrictions do not apply to rainwater and bore water. If the water source (e.g. a household tank) is topped up from Council’s water supply system, these level 3 restrictions do apply.

Level 3 restrictions also apply to the purple pipe (Dual Water) system where connected.

In some circumstances, some businesses or residents can ask to be exempt from the current Water Restrictions. Contact Orange City Council on 63938000 for information or apply online.

Somerset wetlands in Orange

Orange’s network of wetlands fed by the stormwater harvesting system is adding to local water storage

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