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Development Application (DA)

Council planning staff are available Monday to Friday at the Civic Centre to provide advice about the right forms needed to lodge a DA.

In general, if you are lodging a Development Application you will need the following two forms :

File Comments
Development Application form
Combined Development Application and Construction Certificate FormA combined Development and Construction Certificate Application form and checklist are required when you are applying for concurrent approval. Remember that you must lodge all of the information required for construction if you choose to make a ‘combined’ application.

Construction Certificate (CC), Complying Development Certificate (CDC) and Water, Sewer or On-site Sewage System

If you are applying for a Construction Certificate, Complying Development Certificate or approval for any work related to water or sewer you need this form.

File Comments
CC CDC and Water Sewer On-Site Sewage System Form[.pdf]

Utilities Application

If you are applying for a Water/Sewer/On-site Sewage System (Section 68) Certificate you need the following form.

File Comments
Utilities Application Water and SewerUse this Utilities Application form for requests for:
•water/plumbing works,
•sewer/drainage works,
•pressure & flow tests,
•fire service,
•building over sewer and
•requests for water or sewer quotes
•requests to connect to existing water and sewer lines

Statement of Environmental Effects

A completed Statement of Environmental Effects form must be part of all Development Applications. This Statement of Environment Effects Application Form can be used for Class 1 and Class 10a structures (such as dwelling houses, private garages and sheds).

File Comments
Subdivision Certificate Application Form[.docx]


Orange City Council’s Fees & Charges document, which lists the fees for lodging a DA, can be found here.  Council will also provide a quote when requested in writing, using a Request for Estimate of Fees Form.

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Estimate of Development Application Fees Request Form

Dwelling Entitlement

File Comments
Dwelling Entitlement Application Form[.pdf]

Building over Sewer

Information about applying to build over or adjacent to a sewer can be found in this policy.

File Comments
Sewer Infrastructure Services - ST130[.pdf]

Disclosing political donations

The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act) was amended to require that any person who makes a relevant planning application to a council is required to disclose the following reportable political donations and gifts (if any) made by any person with a financial interest in the application within the period commencing two years before the application is made and ending when the application is determined:

  • all reportable political donations made to any local councillor of that council, and
  • all gifts made to any local councillor or employee of that council.

The disclosure requirements under the new legislation are triggered by the making of relevant planning applications.  The term relevant planning application includes an application for development consent under Part 4 (or for the modification of a development consent) of the EP&A Act.  The legislation defines other planning applications.  Details of these can be found on the Department of Planning website mentioned below.

Reportable political donations or gifts

The amendments to the EP&A Act require that:

  • a reportable political donation as defined in the Election Funding and Disclosures Act 1981 (a donation of $1000 or more made to or for the benefit of the party, elected member, group or candidate or made by a major political donor to or for the benefit of a party, elected member, group or candidate, or made to the major political donor), or
  • a gift as defined in the Election Funding and Disclosures Act 1981 to any local councillor or council employee (and includes a disposition of property or a gift of money or the provision of other valuable or service for no consideration or for inadequate consideration) must be disclosed when a relevant planning application is made to a council.

A donation of less than $1000 can be a reportable political donation if the aggregated total of such donations made by an entity or person to the same party, elected member, group or candidate or person within the same financial year (ending 30 June) is $1000 or more.

How and when to make a disclosure

If you are required to make a disclosure of a reportable political donation or gift under the EP&A Act, the disclosure is to be made:

  • in, or in a statement accompanying, the relevant planning application if the donation of gift is made before the application or submission is made, or
  • if the donation or gift is made afterwards, in a statement of the person to whom the relevant planning application or submission was made within 7 days after the donation or gift is made.

What information needs to be in a disclosure?

The information requirements of the disclosure are outlined in the EP&A Act under section 147(9) for political donations and section 147(10) for gifts.  Disclosure Statements, which outlines the relevant information requirements for disclosure to council, are available at the Customer Services counter at the Civic Centre, Byng Street, Orange or Council’s website.  Disclosure Statement Templates are also available at the Department of Planning website.

Disclosures to be made available to the public

Disclosures of reportable political donations and gifts are to be made available to the public within 14 days by the disclosure being placed on Council’s website for matters lodged with Council.

Offence to fail to disclose reportable donations or gifts

The amendments to the EP&A Act make it an offence if a disclosure of a reportable political donation or gift is not made in accordance with the Act.

Voting Register

Orange City Council is required to publish a register on its website which discloses how each elected councillor voted on certain planning matters.

The register can be downloaded here.

Register of Division of Voting – Term from September 2017 – 2020

Further information

A copy of the Local Government and Planning Legislation Amendment (Political Donations) Act 2008 is available on the NSW Parliamentary Counsel’s Office website.

Note: Department of Planning Circulars detailing this and other matters are published on the NSW Planning website.

Council’s Development Services staff can answer any queries with respect to this matter.

File Comments
Gifts and Benefits and Procedure and Political Donations and Gifts Procedure - ST039[.pdf]
Political Donations and Gifts Form[.pdf]