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Council adopts new DCP for 185 Leeds Parade

Orange City Council has adopted a new site-specific Development Control Plan for 185 Leeds Parade.

The formal notification can be found here:

Adoption of Draft 10.7 Site Specific Development Control Plan – 185 Leeds Parade


Notice is hereby given in accordance with Clause 22A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation that the meeting of the Planning and Development Committee held on 7 September 2021 resolved:

  1. That Council adopt the Development Control Plan – 185 Leeds Parade for inclusion in the Orange Development Control Plan 2004.
  2. That the adopted Development Control Plan be forwarded to Transport for NSW

A copy of the Plan, incorporating the amendment, is available for inspection or purchase at the Orange Civic Centre, corner of Byng Street and Lords Place, Orange.

The adopted new DCP is available for viewing on Council’s website.

All DCPs for Orange can be found on this page.


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