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Latest on plans to amend local plan (Amendment 26)

By March 1, 2021March 2nd, 2021Major DAs, News, Uncategorized

A proposed change which aims at to boost retail opportunities alongside the Bloomfield Private Hospital has reached the next stage of consideration.

Amendment 26 was previously exhibited between May and June 2020 and considered by Council at its meeting of 15 September, where council resolved to defer the matter to allow discussions with the proponent on reducing the scale of the rezoning.

Negotiations have altered the proposal which now relates to rezoning Precinct 1 of the private hospital site at 1521 Forest Road, Orange from R1 General Residential to B1 Neighbourhood Centre, with a gross floor area (GFA) restriction on retail premises of 1,791m2, as per the previous Major Project approval. This will allow for a neighbourhood supermarket at a maximum GFA of 1,000m2 and an additional 791m2 for convenience shops.

Full details are available for inspection at the Civic Centre, corner of Lords Place and Byng Street, Orange and from these links:

2020 02 19 Condition 1 satisfied – letter to Council(2)




ANNEXURE D LAND PLANS – 18001RZ 29.01.2021


PP – PJB18001 01.02.21

The relevant local environmental plan that relates to the land is Orange Local Environmental Plan 2011 which can be viewed here:

Orange Local Environmental Plan 2011 (2012 EPI 55) – NSW Legislation

Submissions close at 5pm on Monday, 29 March 2021. If you wish to make a submission, please include your name and full contact details (postal address, phone number and email address if you have one), and reference: “F3458 – LEP Amendment 26”.


The following text was posted at the time of the initial exhibition period. It is available here for research and reference purposes.

Orange City Council has placed a re-zoning proposal on exhibition for community comment.

Called Amendment 26, the proposed change to the Orange Local Environmental Plan, aims to change the zoning of part of the site (Precinct 1) of the private hospital in Forest Road.

The proposal is change the zoning from R1 (General Residential) to B2 (Local Centre).

The proposal aims to improve convenience offerings for local residents and people working in the vicinity by providing appropriate retail opportunities, alongside the services provided by the Bloomfield Private Hospital.

The intended outcome of the proposal is to enable the currently approved retail complex in Precinct 1 of the Bloomfield Private Hospital Site to include an appropriately sized supermarket.

The proposed centre is planned to include the following retail elements:

Stage 1 – a small supermarket (1,649m²), one mini-major tenant (416m²) and specialty space (845m²). The assumed first full year of operation of the proposed development is 2020-21; and

Stage 2 – expansion of the supermarket to 3,000m², an additional mini-major tenant of 936m² and a further 856m² of specialty floorspace. The expanded centre is assumed to be operational by 2024-25.

The EIA report states that the proposed Stage 2 supermarket expansion will absorb some of the specialty floorspace developed in Stage 1, meaning that the overall centre will contain approximately 4,800m² once stage 2 is completed. This would make the proposed centre almost the same size as the existing North Orange centre.

This planning proposal relates to stage 1 only and is anticipated to serve the local workforce of the health precinct in and around Forest Road. The subsequent stage 2 of the concept will be dependent upon growth in the resident population in South Orange and will therefore be subject to a separate planning proposal in due course.

The staged approach is intended to ensure that the trading performance of the main Orange CBD is not undermined.


The deadline for submission from the community is close of business 19 June 2020.

You can find more information about making a submission to Council here.


These documents contain more information about the proposal.

01 Gateway Determinaton Cover Letter to Orange - 5 May 2020

02 Gateway determination - 5 May 2020

02-1 Proponent advice in response to Gateway determination

03 Planning Proposal - rezone precinct 1 Private Hospital Site 15 May 2020

04 Planning Proposal - Indicative Concept - Site Masterplan

05 Planning Proposal - Economic Impact Assessment by proponent - Oct-2018

05-1 Council Review of Economic Impact Assessment - Proposed Retail Centre Bloomfield - 1517 Forest Road - Leyshon Consulting.pdf

06 Planning Proposal - Traffic and Parking Report - Dec 2018

07 Planning Proposal - Land Plans and Site context maps

08 Planning Proposal - Draft rezoning and FSR Maps 15 May 2020

09 Planning Proposal - response to initial issues


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  • Jena Templeton says:

    Absolute smashing idea. I’m a Registered Nurse so being able to “pop” across the street to get dinner on my home is extremely useful. Even better if it sold wine!!!

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