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LEP Amendment 31 – New draft planning controls for Eastside Precinct on display for community comment

 A number of new draft planning controls for the Eastside Precinct have been placed on display for community comment.

The Planning Proposal seeks to amend the Orange Local Environmental Plan 2011 to include additional uses for the Eastside Precinct to support a range of residential uses and childcare centres.

The Planning Proposal also seeks to amend the Height of Building from 12 metres to 16 metres.

On exhibition concurrently with the Planning Proposal is the site specific Development Control Plan.

The Development Control Plan identifies built form and public domain design outcomes that will guide the future redevelopment of the Precinct.

These controls have been further developed by Council consistent with the Orange Eastside Precinct Plan and Site Specific Controls prepared by GHD in September 2020.

More information about these proposal can be found in these documents:

Site Specific Controls ~ Precinct DCP (for exhibition)

150621_Planning Proposal Amendment 31 – Eastside Precinct

Attachment 01_6150_COM_APU_008C_010_20210607

Attachment 02_6150_COM_HOB_008C_010_20210607

Attachment 03_Eastside Precinct Plan and Site Specific Controls (2020) (for exhibition)

Attachment 04_Eastside Precinct Plan Set (2020) (for exhibition)

Gateway determination 01 (for exhibition)

If you wish to make a submission by COB Monday 19 July 2021 please include your full name and contact details (postal address, phone number and email address) and reference:

“F3661-1 – LEP Amendment 31” for any submissions in relation to the Planning Proposal and/or,

“F3502-1 – The Eastside Precinct Development Control Plan” for any submissions in relation to the Development Control Plan.


Submissions can be emailed to [email protected] or posted to:

Chief Executive Officer

Attention: Strategic Planner

Orange City Council

PO Box 35

Orange NSW 2800


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