Maps of Orange

 135 Byng St, Orange
 02 6393 8000
 02 6393 8199

This interactive map of Orange is produced by Google. It is supplied as a guide-only and for the convenience residents and visitors.

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Latest Street Map of Orange

You can also download the latest street map of Orange as a PDF file. This map also contains an A-Z index of street names with map references.

This map is updated by Orange City Council’s engineering & mapping staff and will list Orange’s newest streets months before changes are added to Google and other online maps. It is routinely used by emergency services, taxis and delivery services to locate locations in new streets.


Orange Street Map – July 2020-A3


Orange Mobility Map

Download the Orange Mobility Map for information that will assist in accessing the City of Orange in the safest way. It is designed for people with mobility impairment or for those who may have difficulty negotiating the environment.  The map includes information on public facilities, as well as locations for parking, toilets and rest areas.

Orange Mobility Map PDF