Council Meetings

 135 Byng St, Orange
 02 6393 8000
 02 6393 8199

Orange City Council encourages community members to attend its regular meetings, held upstairs in the Civic Centre. Seating for community members is available in the council chamber where residents can listen to debate. All council meetings are open to the public. If confidential topics are to be discussed, a section of the meeting may be closed to members of the community.

How can I view a live stream of the council meeting?

You can find out  how to view a live stream of a meeting, or watch video recordings of past meetings on Council’s live stream page.

When is the next Council meeting?

You can find out when the next City Council meeting will be held in the list of dates of future meetings. You can view or download the agenda or business papers for the next meeting, as well as see an archive of business papers from past meetings on this page.

In the list of meeting dates, what’s the difference between a full Council meeting and a Policy Committee meeting?

As well as the full council meetings, the council members also meet as a number of ‘Policy Committees’ which debate the details of specific areas of the council’s work. All council members are also members of each policy committee.

  • Planning and Development Committee (Planning, Building and Health policy matters including land use and Environmental Planning)
  • Employment and Economic Development Policy Committee (Implementation of Jobs Creation Strategies, Employment, Economic Development)
  • Infrastructure Policy Committee (Major projects, Roads, Water and current works)
  • Sport and Recreation Policy Committee (Sport Planning and Development, Planning and Development for outdoor recreation, including events)
  • Environmental Sustainability Policy Committee (Climate Change, Environmental Sustainability, City Presentation and Promotion)
  • Finance Policy Committee (City Council Financial Management)
  • Services Policy Committee (Community and Social Services, Cultural Services, Development of Spring Hill, Lucknow and Clifton Grove)

Generally, the seven committees meet on the 1st Tuesday of the month, while full council meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Where can I find out what topics will be raised at the meetings?

Two days before each council meeting, you can download the agenda for that meeting here. In the days after the meeting, you can also download the minutes (which detail the decisions taken) for each meeting.

Can I have my say at a council meeting about a topic that’s important to me?

Council Meetings (first and Third Tuesday of the month) can begin with a brief ‘open forum’ when local residents can have their say, but only about topics which are listed to be discussed at that meeting (ie: Items MUST be listed on the agenda for that meeting). Sometimes there are many residents wanting to speak, so the length of time for each speaker and the total number of speakers may be limited to two minutes.

If you wish to speak at an ‘open forum’, please print the Speaker Registration Form, fill it in and return it to the council office before 4pm on the day of the meeting.