Rural roadside environment 

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Planning a development  in the rural areas around Orange? Interested in the trees, bushes and birds that grow in the Orange district? To assist in building awareness of the natural environment around Orange, the City Council has arranged for a detailed survey to be held, looking closely at the roadside environment in ten sites.

The ten sites were in :

  • Berrilee Rd
  • Pinnacle Rd/Walkers Lane
  • Emu Swamp Rd
  • Beer Rd
  • Pearce Lane
  • Ophir Rd
  • Forest Rd
  • Pinnacle Rd / James Rd

The final report can be downloaded from this page. For each site the report includes :

  • lists of native species and introduced plants
  • Photographs of each site
  • A list of birds observed at each site

The value of each site has also been classified in in term of :

  • Special Management
  • High Conservation
  • Medium Conservation or
  • Low Conservation

The survey was funded by a grant from the Environmental Trust provided through the Roads and Traffic Authority’s Roadside Environment Committee.

Download the report here :
Vegetation Survey Assessment and Classification of Selected Roadsides in the Orange LGA

For more information about this Roadside Vegetation Survey, please contact Orange City Council’s Manager of City Presentation on 6393 8000.