New draft contributions plan for proposed equine precinct

By December 18, 2019Major DAs, News

A proposed re-zoning that would allow landholders nearby the Towac Park racecourse to develop their properties as part of an equine precinct, has reached the stage of being considered by state planning authorities.

The proposal, which came to the council from landholders, would reduce the minimum lot size to allow for the creation of mainly 2 hectare lifestyle blocks. The area would be used by horse owners and enthusiasts, making the most of close proximity of Towac Park, and also protect the Towac Park area from encroachment by incompatible uses.

You can find out more about the proposed precinct here.

PRECINCT: Aerial image of the proposed new equine precinct alongside Towac Park racecourse.

Orange City Council has now prepared a draft document which outlines the proposed contributions to council which developers would pay towards the costs of community infrastructure in that precinct.

The document would be added as ‘Annexure A’ to Orange’s Development Control Plan 2017.

To provide more time for community consideration, the draft document is now on exhibition for community comment. It will be formally on exhibition from Monday 13 January to Sunday 9 February, 2020.

Submissions about the new document must be received by 5pm Monday 10 February.

You can find out more about Making a Submission to Council here.

The draft Orange Development Contribution Plan 2017 – Equine Precinct document can be downloaded here.

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