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Motorists urged to ‘Drive So Others Survive’

By November 19, 2020News, Road Safety

This week is National Road Safety Week, an annual campaign highlighting the impact of road trauma and ways to reduce it.

Orange Mayor Reg Kidd and Orange and Cabonne Road Safety Officer Andrea Hamilton-Vaughan are showing their support for road safety by wearing a National Road Safety Week yellow ribbon and encouraging all motorists to ‘Drive So Others Survive.’

SHOW OF SUPPORT: Orange Mayor Reg Kidd and Orange and Cabonne Road Safety Officer Andrea Hamilton-Vaughan.

Cr Kidd said National Road Safety Week urges us to remember the 1200 people killed on our roads each year, and the 44,000 people seriously injured.

“We all know someone who has been impacted by road trauma, or been affected ourselves,” he said.

“Especially on rural roads, we can all play our part in preventing crashes by removing distractions, sticking to the speed limit and never driving while under the influence.”

Ms Hamilton Vaughan highlighted some of the risky behaviour of people driving in the region for motorists to be aware of.

“Locally, people overtaking on double lines are putting so many lives at risk,” she said.

“And the speed in which we enter roundabouts. A sudden impact can kill, even at 50km/h and the person most likely to be killed in a side-impact collision is the child sitting in the back seat.

“Complacency is also an issue, especially on journeys you make every day. A moment’s lack of concentration can be deadly.”

Ms Hamilton-Vaughan encouraged motorists to consider how they put themselves and others at risk when they get behind the wheel and offered some clear advice.

“A simple step like driving with the headlights on at all times has been proven to reduce the rate of two-vehicle crashes by 25 per cent,” she said.

“Stay alert, especially on long trips, and take regular breaks. The longer you drive, the more dangerous it is and the more likely you are to make mistakes.”

Visit the Orange and Cabonne Road Safety Facebook page to find out more about traffic issues affecting our local area.

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