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Airport COVID measures : an important barrier

By July 30, 2020August 4th, 2020Airport, COVID-19, News

Orange City Council CEO David Waddell has responded to community concerns about flights landing in Orange from Melbourne.

“Orange City Council is continuing to comply with Public Health Orders from government and health authorities,” David Waddell said. “That applies to the way the Orange Regional Airport continues to operate to handle the two direct flights a week from Melbourne to Orange.”

FLIGHTS: The two flights a week from Melbourne to Orange being met by health department staff.

“The Orange community can take some comfort that having these checks in place since 7 July has been one of the raft of government measures that has helped make a contribution to keeping Orange COVID-safe.

“For the last three weeks, since COVID-19 conditions worsened in Melbourne, Health department staff and police have been meeting every flight from Melbourne as it arrived at Orange Regional Airport.

“All passengers get off the plane in Orange, and walk into the terminal. Health staff take temperature checks, check passengers’ address details and ask other questions about whether passengers have visited hot-spots. Passengers bound for Dubbo and Brisbane then get back on the plane to continue their journey.

“To fly into NSW these passengers have met the strict requirements for a cross-border permit. There are also measures put in place by the airline in Melbourne, such as the wearing of face masks on the plane.

“It’s by working together as a community that we’ll get through this pandemic. It’s good that people are doing the right thing and making responsible decisions as they plan travelling to Orange. It’s important that local businesses are also playing their part by following government requirements for contact tracing and other measures.”


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