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Badlands proposal latest sign of boost for niche businesses in Orange

By October 1, 2021October 13th, 2021Business, Future City, News

The growth of artisan food and drink outlets in Orange’s inner city has been welcomed as a boost for the local economy.

Orange business Badlands Brewery, which has operated for 11 years and sells its products throughout Australia, is seeking planning approval from Orange City Council to move the base for its operations to a disused car workshop in the top block of Summer Street.

A Development Application (DA) which proposes to renovate the former EC Camerons auto workshop, at the rear of an address in the top block at 149 Summer Street,  is currently on exhibition for community comment.

The proposed move would be the latest and largest niche food venue to open under the zoning regulations which were changed by Orange City Council in 2019.

In line with changes introduced by the NSW Government, in 2019 Orange City Council adopted changes to local zoning regulations aimed at letting boutique food production industries such as breweries, cheesemakers and artisan bakeries open in retail areas in certain parts of Orange.

Since then a number of businesses have received planning approval to open in former warehouses, including:

  • Parrot Distilling Co’s Tasting Room at 66 Endsleigh Ave
  • Mad Hatter Beverage Co’s Drink Lab at 147 Lords Place
  • A warehouse conversion in McNamara Street

Orange Mayor Reg Kidd said the development of new niche food and drink businesses in the heart of Orange was in line with the Council’s aim to revitalise the city’s CBD.

“The community is noticing that Council is spending a lot of money upgrading the look of Byng Street, Lords Place and McNamara Street. But as well as better street lighting, improved roads and footpaths, where we can, we’re also tackling changes to zoning regulations,” Cr Kidd said.

“Along with the NSW Government we want to encourage the niche food and drink businesses that Orange is famous for, to be able to be even more accessible both for locals and visitors, by letting them open up shop in the middle of Orange.”


More of the interview with Badland Brewery’s Jon Shiner.


Orange City Council’s Planning & Development Committee chair, Cr Russell Turner said the new DA from Badlands Brewery was a sign the earlier changes to zoning regulations was now starting to pay off for local businesses.

“The former zoning regulations were aimed at keeping industrial activity away from places which were strictly retail areas,” Cr Russell Turner said.

“Traditionally people didn’t go to factories to buy goods directly. They didn’t go to a brewery to sit down and enjoy a beer, but with the rise of new independent breweries, now they do.”

“Like any other DA, this proposal will have to measure up to a full assessment and there’s the usual opportunity for the community to have their say before the Council makes a final decision.”

Badlands Brewery’s Jon Shiner believes the Council’s changes to zoning laws made the latest proposal much simpler.

“It would have been a challenging process to endeavour to do what we’re attempting a couple of years ago. Breweries, even on the small scale like ours, are considered a semi-industrial process so bringing that kind of activity into the middle of town was challenging,” Jon Shiner said. “Now it seems to be hopefully.. a lot easier.”


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