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Do I need to make a booking for a kerbside collection?:

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No. The kerbside bulky waste collection will occur once, during a two-week period. The timing of your bulky waste collections depends on the same ‘Week A / Week B’ yellow-bin recycling collection calendars, which are generally based on your location compared to Anson Street.
· If you live west of Anson Street, please place your bulky waste out on Sunday 30 January, 2022.
· If you live east of Anson Street, please place your bulky waste out on Sunday 13 February, 2022.
The collection will occur at any time during the two weeks after this date. There will be only one collection from your address. Once your bulky waste has been collected, please do not put out more waste. It will not be collected again.
If you would like a bulky waste kerbside collection outside of these times, during the course of the year, you will need to phone Council for an extra collection at a cost to you.

A charge for a bulky waste collection appeared on my rates the last two quarters, does that mean there is more than one collection?

No, there is only one bulky waste collection scheduled for this financial year. The charge is an annual charge, split over the four quarters.

Will the bulky waste be recycled or go to landfill?

While part of this waste will go to landfill, with your help, some of this waste can be suitable for recycling. By diverting these items from landfill, we can maximise the life of these valuable resources.

To maximise the possibility of recycling, your bulky waste will be taken away by three different trucks. By sorting your bulky items into three separate piles, (whitegoods, scrap metal and other bulky waste) this will let the three collections happen quickly and efficiently.

One truck has come past my house and collected items but there are still some left. What does this mean? 

There are three separate trucks that are collecting either whitegoods, metal items and other bulky waste. We can recycle white goods and metal but only if they are placed in separate piles.

That means if you see one truck come by and collect some waste but not everything, that’s not a problem. The other trucks will be along later.

Or you have put out items which cannot be collected. See below to read which items are suitable for collection.

Can I put out household appliances such as electronic appliances like vacuums to be collected?

Yes, E-Waste will be collected in the kerbside bully waste collections. E-waste are products such as TVs, computers, monitors etc.  Household appliances will be collected. This includes products such as vacuums, fans, toasters, etc.

Where do I put my bulky waste?
Please place your bulky waste neatly next to the edge of the kerb on the nature strip and not blocking the footpath. Place it close to the spot where you normally place your bins each week. Please secure items to avoid windblown littering.

How much bulky waste can I put out?

Bulky items must be of manageable size for two people to lift.
Each residence can only put out a maximum of two cubic metres of bulky waste. That’s about one standard (6’ x 4’) level box trailer.

Please make sure:
· Loose items must be tied securely with rope or string (not wire), into bundles or contained in sturdy boxes.
So that we can recycle as much of the bulky waste as possible, three trucks will come by each address.
Please separate your waste into:
• metal items
• whitegoods
• and other bulky waste

Here is a list of possible items which will be taken away:

  • Household appliances and Whitegoods
  • Mattresses
  • e-waste
  • Scrap metal—lawn mowers, wheelbarrows, barbeques, bicycles, hot water systems
  • Tins and drums (empty)
  • Pottery, ceramics and chinaware
  • Household bulky waste items

Here is a list of bulky waste items which will NOT be taken away:

· Waste that adds up to more than 2 cubic metres
· Mirrors, glass tabletops, window panes and glass sliding doors
· Material suitable for putting in the resident’s regular waste bins —eg. food scraps, green waste, recyclables and household garbage
· Asbestos or fibro
· Trade, industrial and shop wastes
· Cement bags and sawdust
· Insulation batts
· Motor vehicles, engines and car parts
· Building and demolition materials, concrete and bricks, tiles, fencing or plumbing fixtures
· Large carpet rolls
· Gas bottles and fire extinguishers*
· Prunings, branches, garden vegetation, large tree trunks and thorny bushes
· Hazardous waste
· Batteries*
· Tyres
· Fuels or oils*
· Liquids or paint*

Please do not put out any of these items for your bulky waste collection. These items will not be taken away and you will be responsible for removing them from outside your home.

*Some of these items, such as paint, batteries and oils can be taken for free to your Community Recycling Centre on Ophir Road.


  • Sheryl says:

    Is there a timetable available

  • Judy says:

    Can you please advise dates for next bulky waste pickup?

    • Council Communications says:

      The next bulky waste pick up will be held in early February this year. There will more publicity about the dates in various section of Orange as we get closer.

      • Sandy jones says:

        Please advise this is confusing why not just tell people by what streets you live in when to put your rubbish on kerb. I’m on heatherbrae parade when do I put mine out???

        • Council Communications says:

          Thanks for your question. Because Heatherbrae Parade is east of Anson Street, your bulky waste should be put out on 13 February.

  • Kylie says:

    How do we safely dispose of the things the council will not collect, such as old tyres and large carpets?

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