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Cameras to expose hidden side of sewer network

By April 27, 2021News, Water

Orange City Council is using cameras down sewer pipes across the city to inspect the condition of the network.

Council routinely inspects the network to check for a range of possible damage, blockages or tree roots growing into the system.

utilities supervisor Eddie Khattar with CCTV camera used for inspecting drains

Utilities Supervisor Eddie Khattar with a CCTV camera used for inspecting drains

As part of this inspection Council contractors may need access to front or back yards of properties across the city.

Orange Mayor Reg Kidd said the inspections would help guide the level of maintenance needed across the system for the next several years.

“We don’t often see this major piece of Council infrastructure but it is one of the most important and has the potential to impact residents’ day to day lives, “Cr Kidd said.

“This modern technique of performing in-depth inspections of the system using CCTV cameras won’t affect your water supply.”

Orange City Council’s Infrastructure Policy Committee Chair Jeff Whitton said there would be minimal disruption to residents during the inspections.

“It is likely residents will barely notice the contractor has come and gone,” Cr Whitton said.

“If your home is on the list of inspections, we’ll let you know 24 hours ahead of time. If there’s access to your backyard, and you don’t have pets such as dogs, then the team can go in, inspect and leave everything in your yard as it was. You don’t need to be home at the time.

“However if you do lock your gates, and you do have dogs, we’d appreciate it if you’d work with our contactors so they can do their job and cause you as little inconvenience as possible.

“We don’t need to inspect every pit. So even if there is one at your place, doesn’t necessarily mean we will need access.”

Council has appointed specialist contractors Total Drain Cleaning to do the work.

The maintenance pits look like large round concrete lids on top of the ground and can be located near the footpath, or in front or back yards. Not every property has a sewer maintenance pit. Each one is only 60-70m apart, situated around different parts of the city.

Inspection of the network is due to start in the coming weeks and will take up to two months to complete.

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