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Council calling on residents to think before they throw

By October 6, 2022News, Sustainability

With recycling contamination on the rise Orange City Council is urging residents to think before they throw.

Recycling contamination happens when materials that are not recyclable end up in the yellow recycling bin. An entire recycling batch can be ruined by some substances entering the mix. Contaminated material can also pose a health and safety risk to workers.

Orange Community Recycling Centre

Orange Resource Recovery Centre

Orange City Council Environmental Sustainability Policy chair David Mallard said the best way to prevent recycling contamination was by educating residents and informing them about the process.

‘’Residents don’t aim to contaminate and ruin a whole batch, but they can if not properly informed. By recycling, residents are doing their part for the community and the
environment,” Cr Mallard said.

In an effort to lower contamination rates, Council will launch an education campaign on recycling for residents and issue letters to residents who repeatedly contaminate their recycling bins.

Council may discontinue the recycling service for residents who receive a fourth contamination notice resulting in the removal of their recycling bin.

“The letters sent to residents are friendly reminders and aim to educate residents on recycling and how to avoid contamination,’’ Cr Mallard said.

Recycle bins only accept household items such as aerosols, aluminium, steel cans, paper and cardboard, glass bottles and jars, and plastic bottles. All containers need to be empty from food and liquids.

Nappies, plastic bags, textiles, toys or disposable coffee cups can contaminate the recycling load which is then sent to landfill.

If residents are unsure about an item that they want to recycle, they can check if it can be put in the yellow recycling bin by visiting Orange City Council’s website or calling the Council Waste Hotline on 1300 725 415. A fact sheet is also available.

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