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Council calls for community suggestions for street names

By September 30, 2022October 5th, 2022News, Roads

Orange City Council is calling on the community to share suggestions for the names of new streets in Orange.

Council has set up a new page on its website for people to visit and fill out an online form to suggest street names and themes for new subdivisions.

Orange Mayor Jason Hamling said this was an opportunity to take a fresh look at Council’s system for street names.

Rather than a one-off survey, the page will be a permanent addition to the website where community members can suggest street names at any time. The suggestions will be kept on file and considered when the option to name new streets comes up.

Aerial view of Orange

Aerial view of Orange

“This is a chance for locals to suggest names that reflect their interests and provides an opportunity for Council to involve local residents in the process of naming the streets in our city,” Cr Hamling said.

‘’More than just names, we want to highlight what matters to members of the community. Residents can suggest names that have a significance to our city and its culture, such as local people from Orange’s history with strong links to the community.”

Usually when a new housing estate is proposed to be built, the developer may suggest an overall theme which links the names of streets together, however, the Council does have a small number of opportunities to name new streets.

There are two main requirements to be considered for submissions to be valid. Proposed street names can’t be after someone who is still alive or someone who died less than 12 months ago.

Visit the website at to fill out the online form with your street name suggestions.

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