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Council meeting supports new sheet-metal plant

By June 16, 2021News

This is a summary report of highlights of the 15 June Orange City Council meeting.

Tuesday night’s Council meeting gave its support to plans by Storco to build a $5.7 million sheet-metal manufacturing plant in Clergate Drive.

The proposal is to building a $6,700 square metre building which would employee around thirty full-time employees.

Because of the scale of the project, planning approval will be considered by the Western Regional Planning Panel.

PLANT: Artist’s impression of the proposed Storco plant on Clergate Road


Development Decisions

Tuesday  night’s meeting considered a number of planning proposals. The meeting voted to:

  • Not approve at $1.3 million child care centre in Kearney’s Drive. The 1 June Council meeting had deferred consideration of the DA pending a site inspection of the 52 place centre.
  • Approve a proposal to demolish an existing building and build a new childcare centre in Valencia Drive. The $1.04 million proposal would provide 98 child care places.
  •  Approve a proposal for a $700,000 15-room boarding house in Curran Street.
  •  Defer a proposal to change the use of a block of land on Old Forbes Road to become a business to sell landscaping supplies such as sold, gravel and garden mix.
New flood information to be provided to landowners

People applying for information about whether a block of land is potentially affected by flood will change next month.

Flooding in Kite Street in 1966

INFORMATION: Flooding in Kite Street in 1966

Tuesday night’s meeting approved changes which will bring the information provided by Orange City Council into line with other councils around the state.

Council confirms plans to mark anniversary

Tuesday night’s meeting has considered a program of events to mark two key milestones in Orange’s history.

2021 includes the 175th anniversary of Orange officially becoming a village in 1846 and the 75th anniversary of Orange being recognised as a city in 1946.

The list of events includes:

  • Street banners
  • Pictorials in newspapers
  • Promotional material
  • Old city flag display
  • Online photo competition
  • Sound The Bells
  • Commemorative Tree Planting

The meeting decided not to go ahead with a proposal for black-tie ball.

Council support for new websites for businesses

Orange City Council will pay for twenty CBD retailers to have a website built.

Recent research of 400 local businesses has shown that 54 local businesses don’t have a website and 188 can’t sell their products online. Council will spend $100,000 on the first round of the project.


Council staff will look into new technology which applies a brake to the wheels of shopping trolleys



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