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Crown Land negotiation to benefit Orange community

By November 23, 2021News

Orange Mayor Reg Kidd has welcomed the transfer of 398 hectares of Crown Land to Orange City Council and the Orange Local Aboriginal Land Council (OLALC).

The transfer came after a long negotiation between the the NSW Government, Orange City Council and OLALC.

This page outlines information about the land including maps and a list of the locations.





Where is the land to be transferred?

A list of the Orange Land Transfers can be downloaded here.


These maps show the locations of the land to be transferred.

The locations in YELLOW show land to be transferred to Orange City Council.

The locations in RED show land to be transferred to the Orange Local Aborginal Land Council.

The locations in BLUE show land to be retained by the NSW Government.

Click on each thumbnail image to view a high-resolution, zoomable map.

This overview map shows the location of 12 more-detailed maps.





Map 1 of 12.




Map 2 of 12.



Map 3 of 12.








Map 4 of 12.





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Map 6 of 12.





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Map 11 of 12.





Map 12 of 12.

One Comment

  • boorabee says:

    hi good to see something happening but its a bit late to negotiate land that was reverted back to private aboriginal land from crown land during and after the Marbo case after terra nullius was squashed in that case. that case was never finished. so legally the government can not negotiate land it does not own. it is already owned by the local original people. so there is no more crown land in the land you call australia so the deal is not valid in any way.
    contact the high court and ask them about the Marbo case and aske them what happened to the crown land. anyone involved in the fraud could face prosecution in the future and face jail time. people do not have the right to negotiate deals involving land they have nothing to do with.

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