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Heritage program gives community members the chance to share their stories

By February 26, 2020March 4th, 2020Heritage, Media Releases, News

In an effort to capture the untold stories of previous generations, Orange City Council is on the lookout for members of the community to share insights into what life was like back in the first half of the 1900s.

Whether it be a great grandmother that lived through the Templers Mill era or a child who can recall stories told by their parents about the Wentworth Mine, Orange City Council wants to hear it.

The project will see a number of trained volunteers meet with community members who are willing to share their stories to be recorded at the Orange City Library or hit the road to conduct interviews in their own homes.


STORIES : The opportunity to capture the stories of Orange’s history is open to residents.

Orange City Council’s Cultural Heritage Community Committee Chair Cr Reg Kidd said the project is designed to share and preserve stories for future generations before they are lost in time.

“Council’s oral history project will see volunteers meet with locals for a couple of hours, sit down and just talk about different moments in time that once played a vital role in the communities we live in today.

“I hope we can get as many people as possible interested in this program as I know there would be so many grandparents and even great grandparents that are the only ones left that can truly recall those moments of history,” Cr Kidd.

Orange City Council is seeking community members to share stories about:

  • Banjo Paterson Park and memories of the day Templers Mill came down
  • The Springs; an 1920s – 1930s Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Fringe Camp
  • The establishment of Food Of Orange District (F.O.O.D) Week
  • Wentworth Main Mine at Lucknow or mining at Lucknow

As data begins to build, shared stories will be published on an online website, Amplify or interested persons can listen to the audio at the Orange City Library.

Expressions of interest can be submitted online: Expression of Interest – interested in being interviewed

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