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Hop on into winter watering hours

By March 29, 2021News, Water

Not only will the Easter bunny be visiting Orange residences this weekend, the city will also change the hours for garden watering as Daylight Savings ends.

More than 100mm of rain fell in Orange in three days last week, pushing the city’s combined water storage to more than 70 per cent.

With the storage at 70 per cent, Orange remains on level two water restrictions. These restrictions include the times Orange residents may water their gardens.

As of Easter Sunday, Orange residents may water their gardens between 7am and 10am and 4pm and 7pm (every other day, on the odds and evens system).

Residents may water their gardens with watering systems, non-fixed sprinklers, hand held hoses, micro sprays, drip systems and soaker hoses only.

Under the  Odds and Evens system, if the street number of your property is an odd number you can water on odd dates of the month, alternatively, if the street number of your property is even you can water on even dates.

These watering times will remain in place until daylight saving ends in October.

When our water storage hits 80 per cent, that will be the trigger point for entering Permanent Water Saving Standards.

Permanent water saving standards operate with most of the same water saving strategies as the Level Two water restrictions.

The only exception is that there is no time restrictions on car washing under permanent water saving standards.

For information on level two restrictions please click this link.

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