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Lords Place south construction ramps up

Residents are being asked to be patient this week as Orange City Council steps up the pace of construction work in Lords Place south.
Council crews worked at night last week as they replaced an underground water main in the street.

While the night work is set to continue, from this week, crews will also be working a day shift as the first of the new tree pits are installed.

The street will remain open to traffic and parking however the construction zones will reduce available car parking spots. 36 x 2 hour parking spots have been introduced in the Ophir Car Park to offset the loss of parking during the construction works.

Council’s Director of Technical Services Ian Greenham said the tree pits will be built progressively along the block.

“The tree cells are designed to prevent the problems caused when trees grow in heavily-compactedsoil that left behind by traffic and parked cars,” Mr Greenham said. “These problems come to light when the tree’s root-ball grows up out of the ground, causing damage
to nearby roads and footpaths.”

“By using a tree cell, we get a healthy beautiful tree, but the roots stay within the cell.”

The tree pits are about 1.5 metre deep and measure about 4 metres by 6 metres. A plastic structural framework is assembled inside the pit, which supports the weight of a parked car while leaving uncompressed soil where the trees can grow.

The pits will be installed gradually along the street.

It takes around two to three days, weather permitting, to assemble the internal structures, install pipes and put a temporary road surface on top. For the safety of the crews and the community Council will cordon off approximately 2 parking spaces on each side of a tree pit.
Once each pit is complete, nearby parking will return to normal.

“We’re in daily contact with the business owners in the street and we’re working to minimise the disruption as much as we can. For example, we’ve been able to schedule some jobs on the days when restaurants are closed or aren’t as busy,” Mr Greenham said

“It’s important for local shoppers to remember that these local businesses are continuing to operate despite the work happening in Lords Place.”

The Council is planning to complete the first stage of the upgrade by early December so as to have Lords Place free of disruption for the Christmas shopping period.

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