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Lots more to experience as adults learn to swim

Local residents who’ve come to live in Orange from more than seventeen different countries are jumping into the pool for the first time, and getting a hands-on introduction to Australian water safety culture.

The Orange Aquatic Centre was the venue this week for the final session of five weekly classes organised by Orange Migrant Services, part of Orange City Council’s Community Service team.

25 people were enrolled in the weekly sessions, all adults who were born in seventeen different countries. While some were taught by instructors how to improve their swimming strokes, others were getting into a pool for the first time.

Adults at the Orange Aquatic Centre learning to swim

LEARNING : Swimming instructors and adult students gather at the Orange Aquatic Centre for the last lesson of the latest series of water safety classes. Pictured (l to r.) are Anna Nikonova, Ajanta Khondakar, Tanya Crawley, Franaca Messina, Sam Gosper, Suwipa Srikornchum and Sheng Min.

With the assistance of swimming instructors and eleven volunteers from the Migrant Service mentor program, lessons included time in the pool building water-confidence, as well as presentations from a range of local agencies and service providers over a cup of tea.

The sessions included input from a financial counsellor, Breast Screen, Verto Community College and from ‘Parents as Teachers’.

The classes were run by the Migrant Services team with help from volunteers and financial support from the Westfund health fund.

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