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Make a plan for your pets this Christmas

By December 15, 2020Dogs, News

Orange residents can finally pack the car up and go on a well-deserved holiday, and Orange Mayor Reg Kidd is reminding people to make a plan for their pets.

“If you’re going on holidays, the best thing to do is book your pet into a kennel while you’re away,” Cr Kidd said.

“If you haven’t been able to secure your pet accommodation then make sure you triple check all the fencing in your yard.

“Dogs in particular can get very lonely and bored while you’re away and can get up to some very mischievous behaviour.

“Before you leave for holidays, check the perimeter of your yard for signs where your dog has been digging or chewing, and for areas which might have been eroded away over time by the rain and wind. Make sure there’s no escape for your furry friend.

“Ask the person who is coming over to feed and water your dog while you’re away to take it for a couple of walks a day, which can make a huge difference to their behaviour while you’re away. Also ask them to check your fences regularly while you’re gone in case your dog has been digging while you’re not home.

“Please make sure your pet is microchipped, it’s the only fail-safe way of reuniting you with your pet if it escapes and is handed in. It’s relatively inexpensive and can save you a lot of money in the long-run.

“And when it comes to cats, please keep them inside. It’s safer for them and safer for our native animals.

“We’ve seen a lot of cats in the Orange wetlands and that is really concerning for the native fauna who we’re trying to encourage to live and breed in those areas.”

Orange City Council’s Companion Animals Committee Chair Stephen Nugent said it was also important to make sure the pet has access to an abundance of water and shade while owners were away.

“There may be some days where the temperature will reach more than 30 degrees and you won’t be home to check on your pet,” Cr Nugent said.

“Set up extra water stations and ask the neighbours to check on your pet regularly and bring it inside if they can.

“Another issue we have at this time of year is people leaving dogs in cars and on hot utility trays.

“The message it clear. Do not leave pets in cars, for any reason.

“A pet can die in a hot car in just a few minutes. In the time it takes you to duck in and buy milk, fill the car up with petrol, or grab the newspaper, your pet could quickly die of heat stroke.

“If you see a pet in a car on a hot day, then please call police. Orange City Council rangers can be called for stray animals, but the police are needed to break into a car to rescue a pet.”

Cr Nugent wanted to remind residents of the leash-free areas in Orange where they could take their dog for a run.

“Your dog must always be on a lead except when you take it to one of the 11 leash-free areas in Orange,” he said.

“Check out Council’s website for maps on where these areas are.

“We also have a new one in north Orange in Webb Street, which has been getting a lot of action lately, which is great to see.”

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