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Mayor responds to IPART rates decision

By June 20, 2022News

Orange Mayor Jason Cr Jason Hamling said the decision announced by IPART today to allow a 2.5% rate increase would let Orange City Council manage its finances responsibly, and avoid a potential funding shortfall of $620 thousand.

IPART has approved applications by eighty-six NSW councils to increase their rates above the level of the annual rate peg.

The modest increases were approved following an additional special variation process.

AIRPORT: Orange Regional Airport is one of the many services operated by Orange City Council

Cr Jason Hamling said the Council will be considering its draft budget for the coming year at this Thursday’s meeting.

“If this CPI increase hadn’t been approved we’d be looking for ways to cut $620 thousand from the services we’re planning to deliver,” Cr Jason Hamling said.

“Increasing rates isn’t a decision that’s taken lightly. Councillors have to weigh up the delivery of services against the impact of rates increases for residents. It’s essential that we keep the Council in a solid financial position where services like libraries, child care and airports can be delivered and major projects like the next stage of the southern Feeder road can begin.

“Council’s finance team had to supply a lot more information to IPART before this increase was approved, and our submissions measured up to their criteria.

“It’s also good to hear IPART is conducting its own review of how rate-peg limits are set in future. “

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