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New equine precinct planning agreement up for comment

The system Orange City Council will use to share the cost of building a road underpass with developers of a new subdivision is now on exhibition for community comment.

A proposed change (Amendment 17) to Orange’s Local Environmental Plan is seeking to enable a residential equine precinct to the west and south of Towac Racecourse.

PRECINCT: Aerial image of the proposed new equine precinct alongside Towac Park racecourse. (CLICK TO SEE LARGER IMAGE) 

Because the route of the proposed Southern Feeder Road is also planned to run along the same edge of the racecourse, a road underpass needs to be built to let residents and horses travel safely under the road.

As the underpass will primarily benefit the residents of the new precinct, a Planning Agreement has been negotiated with the relevant landowners which would determine how to pay for the cost of Council building the underpass.

This will ensure the broader ratepayer base is not financially impacted, preserve the Southern Feeder Road corridor, and ensure the safety of horses and riders alike.

More information about the planning agreement can be found and downloaded here:

1 – Advertisement

2 – Annexure A – Explanatory Note

3 – Draft Voluntary Planning Agreement

4 – Report to Council – 15 September 2020

5 – Minister’s Response to Request for Variation

6 – Revised Concept Plan Layout

This page from December 2019  provides coverage of the new equine precinct.

More information about ‘Making a submission’ to Council can be found here.

Submissions on the planning agreement close Monday 26 October 2020.


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