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New FutureCity plan to revitalise Lords Place unveiled

By August 9, 2022October 20th, 2022Lords Place South, News

Orange City Council has unveiled the next stage of its FutureCity upgrade of Orange’s CBD, a bold plan to transform the section of Lords Place, between Summer and Kite Streets, into a place for meeting.

The project, which is expected to start in September year will include:

  • New plantings of advanced trees which will almost double the number of trees in the block
  • New traffic arrangements designed to transform the area into a pedestrian-friendly precinct
  • Outdoor-dining zones in selected areas along the block
  • Improved street lighting
  • Expanded gardens with street furniture

The Council has started visiting business operators and property owners along the block, to spell out details of the plans and seek their feed-back.  The concept plan will go to a council meeting on 16 August with a recommendation to exhibit and seek more feedback.

A community forum is also planned for 25 August in the council chambers.

While the total cost of the project is still being developed along with final designs, it will be jointly-funded by Orange City Council and the NSW Government.

Earlier this year the Lords Place South project was awarded a grant of $500,000 from the NSW Government’s ‘Streets as Shared Spaces’ program that aims to deliver trials that test permanent changes that strengthen the accessibility and economic vitality of a high street and surrounding area’.

Orange Mayor Cr Jason Hamling is calling on the community to learn more about the plans, and have their say.

“The beauty of this government grant is that it’s intentionally designed to trial changes,” Cr Jason Hamling said.

“The government wants communities to test the idea of creating spaces where the focus has switched from cars to people. A place where people park somewhere else and then spend time in attractive, fun spaces. If these ideas work, that will shape the design of future changes to revitalise the heart of our city.”

“There are potentially huge benefits in creating an ‘eat street’ in the heart of our city that will work all year round and boost our night-time economy. If we want to make our CBD an attractive place to meet, this is great start.”

“But there will be changes to the routines we’re used to. We want to hear from the community how they weigh up benefits of creating this new destination, alongside impacts such as the loss of some parking spaces.”

The Mayor said it was a challenging project to get the balance right between the city evolving and supporting existing businesses.

“We want the community to tell us what they think so we can start to explore what it would be like to enjoy outdoor dining areas in a pedestrian-friendly street,” Cr Jason Hamling said.

You can download the Lords Place South Draft Concept Plan here.

and read more about the plan in this Lords Place South Briefing Document



  • Kass says:

    This has to be one of the worst ideas ever!
    I have to park in lords place a number of times a weeks to get keys from real estates and take them back for work, with my young children in toe.
    This can take over an hour of trying to park and that includes the side streets and shopping centres.
    Taking car parks away from an area that already has limited car parks and people who stay way longer that they are allowed is a terrible decision.
    I understand people want places to eat but that seems to be all that orange cares about… food and wine. Try shifting focus to things like fixing roads, giving people things to do that are family friendly and don’t involve food and wine. If you haven’t noticed it really isn’t a warm climate here and if people had the option to sit outside and eat their dinner I wonder how many actually would!
    Seems like a half assed, hair brained idea from people who do not live in the real world.

  • Leigh Meagher says:

    The lords place plans are great. The street will be much better and will bring people into the city

  • Gary Blowes says:

    One wonders if the people who have come up with this idea actually earn there living from Lords Place or just don’t care about the traders in the street.
    No it wont affect my business but it will matter to there lively hood.

  • Willemine Drage says:

    Before doing anything to revitalise Lords Place, Council needs to make sure they have provided ample parking …… if there is no money for a multi storey carpark there’s no money for revitalisation.
    Parking in/around the CBD in Orange is a nightmare right now and this won’t be improved by taking away parking spaces!!!

  • James Box says:

    A very good idea but there is very limited parking in Orange CBD.,it would be better to build a multi story car park at the existing car park in Lords place first.

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