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Orange playground map now available on Council’s website

By June 10, 2022News

A handy map of Orange’s playgrounds has been added to Orange City Council’s website to help residents and visitors find their nearest playground.

The map includes a list of playground features, amenities, and photographs of each space. Users can also get directions to playgrounds through Google Maps.

Once the installation of new playgrounds in Matthews Park, Larance Park and Sullivan Reserve is completed, Orange will have 37 outdoor play areas ranging from a neighbourhood swing set to the city’s largest play space, the Orange Adventure Playground.

PLAYTIME: The map features the location of the city’s playground and nearby amenities. (Click to visit the map)

The indoor playground at the Orange Indoor Tennis Centre will also be a valuable addition for children to play inside this winter. It is expected to open in time for the school holidays.

Orange Mayor Jason Hamling says the new Council map is an important tool that provides relevant information and the location of our playgrounds.

“With 37 outdoor playgrounds around the city, many residents might not know they have playgrounds in or near their neighbourhood, not to mention the many thousands of visiting families we have to the city each year,” Cr Hamling said.

Orange City Council Sport and Recreation Committee Chair, Cr Tammy Greenhalgh, says the city’s playgrounds fall into three categories, local, district and regional.

“A diverse network of play spaces throughout the city is an effective way of ensuring the city’s playgrounds met the needs of different users with different needs,” Cr Greenhalgh said.

  • Local: Orange has 30 local play spaces. Serving one neighbourhood or located close to or within residential areas, local play spaces are accessible by pedestrians and those on bicycles and are generally used for short periods of time.
  • District: Orange has six district play spaces, Glenroi Oval, Elephant Park, John Lomas Skate Park, Lake Canobolas, Cook Park and Sir Jack Brabham Oval. District playgrounds serve several neighbourhoods, and often people from other towns, and are designed to be used for longer periods of time, with facilities such as parking, toilets, tables and seating.
  • Regional: Orange has one regional play space, Orange Adventure Playground. Serving the whole city and visitors from other towns it is expected to be used for prolonged periods, perhaps even all day, with parking, toilets, tables, seating and barbecue facilities.

Orange City Council’s playground network is inspected every month, and repairs and maintenance are carried out as soon as possible.

The playground map will be updated when playgrounds are replaced, and new playgrounds installed.

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