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Plan to reduce lot sizes at Shiralee up for comment

A proposed re-zoning which would change the minimum lot sizes of blocks of land in the new Shiralee housing area has been  put on exhibition for community comment.

The proposal, known as Amendment 29 to Orange Local Environmental Plan (Park and Rifle Range Roads, Shiralee). The proposal has come from developers behind the ‘Clearview’ residential estate which was approved by Council in December 2020.

The proposal relates to the rezoning and amendment of minimum lot size for various sites at Park and Rifle Range Roads, Shiralee (part Lot 11 DP 750401 and part Lot 88 DP 750401).

The Planning Proposal seeks the following amendments:

  • the area known as Site A (part Lot 11 DP 750401): reduce the minimum lot size from 3,800m2 to 3,000m2
  • the area known as Site B (part Lot 11 DP 750401): reduce the minimum lot size from 9,000m2 to 2,000m2
  • the area known as Site C (part Lot 88 DP 750401): reduce the minimum lot size from 2,000m2 to 700m2
  • the area known as Site C (part Lot 88 DP 750401): rezoned from R2 Low Density Residential to R1 General Residential.

Sites A and B border on Park Road, which is the route for the next stage (Stage 4) of the southern feeder road. Work on the next stage of the road, west from Anson Street is expected to start in the next 12 months.

VIEW: A view across the site from Rifle Range road.

The NSW Government issued a gateway determination on the proposal in April this year. The proposal and three sites for loot sized reductions will increase the total number of lots by 7-8  lots compared to the original Shiralee Masterplan DCP.

More information can be found in these documents:

The deadline for community comments is Monday 21 June 2021.

More information about Making a submission on this page.

One Comment

  • Michael B says:

    Reducing the area of each housing lot will turn Shiralee into another Kellyville, and will do nothing for the reputation of Orange as a spacious and accommodating community. It is clearly designed to improve the commercial return of developers rather than to provide amenity to home dwellers. It will result in cramped, repetitive and unimaginative suburban landscape that is more oppressive than liberating for its occupants

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