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Summer Street seating upgrade supports Future City plan to make CBD more pedestrian-friendly

By May 13, 2021Future City, News

The amount of seating in Summer Street will be almost doubled as part of Future City upgrades to the central business district.

When the installation is complete, there will be 25 seats in the city centre, up from the previous 14, at a cost of $55,250.

Orange City Council crews are installing the first round of 14 seats, to replace the old ones that were removed, while 11 more seats are expected to be delivered by the end of the month and will be installed in early June.

HAVE A SEAT: The locations of the new seating in Summer Street. Yellow indicates the first round of installation, and green indicates the second round of installation. Click on the image to enlarge.

Orange Mayor Reg Kidd said the project supported one of the main objectives of the Future City plan, which was to make the CBD a more pedestrian-friendly place.

“The Future City project recognises that increasing foot traffic in the inner city is key to boosting the retail and hospitality sectors in the area,” he said.

‘As part of the plan, there are loads of exciting projects underway to motivate people to walk around the city centre and encourage them to spend longer in the precinct as well.

“But to grow that successfully in the future, we need to ensure it is easy and safe for pedestrians to move around the area, and providing ample seating and a place to rest is an important part of that.”

Deputy Mayor Glenn Taylor is delighted the number of seats in Summer Street will be increased.

“I am really pleased to hear that we’ll eventually have 25 seats in Summer Street, this is really important for the people of Orange, especially the elderly,” Cr Taylor said.

“The other side of the coin of making Orange’s CBD pedestrian friendly is having more seats than ever for walkers to be able to use.”

The timber-look aluminium seating will be situated on or near every corner of Summer Street, between Peisley and Sale Streets (except where it would interfere with outdoor dining venues) as well as other high-traffic locations.

Four seats have already been installed at the Sale Street intersection and crews will install another four at the Anson Street intersection this week.

Crews are undertaking installation work early of a morning in a bid to keep disruption to pedestrians to a minimum.

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