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Trees down in snow causes safety concerns

The heaviest snowfall in years is expected to bring people visiting the region who would also like to check out what winter has to offer.

Coupled with a long weekend and a large rugby competition, it’s expected there will be plenty of people chasing the snow.

Orange Mayor Reg Kidd is encouraging people to check out the snowfalls but be wary of the potential risks.

Trees down on Pinnacle Road

Trees down on Pinnacle Road

“It’s becoming  clear that one of the major impacts of this week’s snowfalls has been on trees,” Cr Kidd said.

“This was one of the heaviest falls of snow in Orange for decades. When you get that much snow, it collects on trees, the branches begin bending over.

“Some of those branches bent and snapped, but are staying attached. It can be a potential safety problem where those heavy branches could fall on a passing car or a pedestrian.”

Cr Kidd is asking people who are intending to see the snow to be very careful where they pull over on the side of the road.

“Our tree crews will be working for weeks and weeks to clear these hanging branches. There is another whole category of damage that’s about whole trees that have now been so bent over that they’re becoming unstable. In recent days local roads have been blocked, but the risk of other trees falling remains,” he said.

“The snow is melting but the potential danger from damaged trees remains.

“I’m asking Orange residents to be patient as we work through this backlog. It means places like the Botanic Gardens and the Pinnacle lookout will be staying closed for some time because of the risk of a falling tree, while we work to clear the potential danger that might affect roads and cars.”

People should avoid parking cars under trees and be wary about where they choose to get out and play in the snow.

Pinnacle lookout is closed and people heading to the base of Mount Canobolas should expect traffic delays as Council crews work over the weekend to clear trees.

Pinnacle Road is closed at Wallace Lane but all wineries can be accessed, provided people have a booking. Resident access will also be maintained.

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