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As part of its decision-making processes,  Orange City Council frequently puts significant proposed changes of policy or direction on public exhibition to invite comment from the community, before a final decision is taken.

Other opportunities to engage with the council are put openly to the whole community when the Council seeks ‘expressions of interest’ on a proposal. On this page, you can find details of a number of matters which are currently up for public comment or seeking expressions of interest, along with :

  • links where you can find more information or download documents.
  • the deadline date for making a comment or expressing an interest.
  • details of how to make a public submission or community comment.

There are routinely a number of planning matters, including proposed Development Applications, on display for comment. Details of these planning matters can be found here and here.

Items on display for community comment, or seeking expressions of interest.

There are currently a number of matters on display for community comment.

Two LEP Amendments

Orange City Council is seeking community comment on two proposed amendments to the Local Environmental Plan.

The two proposals would affect the site of the former RTA office in Leewood Drive, and the site of a new ttruck-stop in Leeds Parade.

You can find out more about these proposals and the deadline for community comment  here.

Local PLanning Strategic Statement (LSPS)

The Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) for Orange sets out the vision for land use across the Orange City Council Local Government area, outlines how growth and change will be managed.

The 21 July Council meeting resolved to place the draft LSPS on exhibition for community comment.

The Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement 2020 can be downloaded here.

The information report on the LSPS presented to the 21 July Council meeting can be downloaded here.

Deadline: Monday 24 August 2020.

Submissions  can be emailed to council@orange.nsw.gov.au of posted to the

  • CEO
  • Orange City Council
  • ATTN : Strategic Planner
  • PO Box 35
  • ORANGE  NSW  2800

Local Housing Strategy

Work continues on the development of a local housing strategy for Orange with the goal of establishing a vision for providing housing within the City that meets future needs.
Local housing strategies are prepared by Councils, in consultation with communities, to detail how and where housing will be provided in local areas. They include consideration of demographic factors, local housing supply and demand, and local land-use opportunities and constraints.
Local housing strategies can also identify areas of cultural, environmental, heritage or local character significance.
To date, the first step of the data gathering, analysis and constraint mapping has been undertaken by consultants Premise. This work has tentatively identified two areas to the northwest and south that could be further investigated for urban development. This should not be regarded as conclusive as community input may lead to other sites being nominated. includes a detailed design for the proposed interpretative signs and other park features.

The 17 March Council decided to place the research report on exhibition and invite community comment.

The reports and mapping documents can be found here.

Orange Local Housing Strategy

DPIE Local-Housing-Strategy-Guideline-and-Template

Orange Local Housing Strategy (LHS)

Donations and Grants Strategic Policy 

At its meeting held on 7 July 2020, Council resolved to put the Strategic Policy – Donations and Grants ST029 on public exhibition.

DRAFT – Strategic Policy – ST029 Donations and Grants

Deadline for comment: 5.00pm Friday 7 August 2020

Proposed Funding 

Council at its meeting held on 7 July 2020, resolved to exhibit for 28 days the following:

Council resolved to put the proposed allocation of funds to Fusion Central West NSW and Lifeline Central West NSW on public exhibition:

1        Funding to Fusion Central West NSW
Council intends to donate an extra $2,250.00 from the Small Donations Program to Fusion Central West NSW (Fusion Community Centre (Youth and Community Activities and Programs))

 2        Funding to Lifeline Central West
Council intends to donate an extra $2,250.00 from the Small Donations Program to Lifeline Central West (Support for Lifeline Services)

Deadline for comment: 5.00pm Tuesday 11 August 2020

Proposed Funding – Orange 360

Council at its meeting held on 21 July 2020, resolved to exhibit for 28 days the following:

The intention to increase funding by $100,000 to TDO Ltd trading as Orange 360 for the purpose of COVID rebound initiatives and marketing.

Deadline for comment: 5.00pm Monday 24 August 2020

Any submissions made will be collected for reporting purposes and could form part of a report available to the public.

Having your say

Orange City Council seeks community input and feedback on a range of issues. Stakeholder engagement is an important element of the Council decision-making process.

Comments and submissions must be made in writing so they can be seriously considered and the information collated into a report to be considered by a council meeting. Comments can only be considered as formal submissions if the author’s details are included.

People who wish to have their say should keep the mind that written submissions from the community may be made public as part of a report to a Council meeting.

Because a number of matters are always up for public comment, submissions must make it clear which topic is being addressed.

You can find more information here about making a submission to Orange City Council.

Submissions can be sent by mail to:

Chief Executive Officer
Orange City Council
PO Box 35
Orange NSW  2800

Submissions can also be made by email to : council@orange.nsw.gov.au