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As part of its decision-making processes,  Orange City Council frequently puts significant proposed changes of policy or direction on public exhibition to invite comment from the community, before a final decision is taken.

Other opportunities to engage with the council are put openly to the whole community when the Council seeks ‘expressions of interest’ on a proposal. On this page, you can find details of a number of matters which are currently up for public comment or seeking expressions of interest, along with :

  • links where you can find more information or download documents.
  • the deadline date for making a comment or expressing an interest.
  • details of how to make a public submission or community comment.

There are routinely a number of planning matters, including proposed Development Applications, on display for comment. Details of these planning matters can be found here and here.

There are currently four items on display for community comment, or seeking expressions of interest.


1. Proposed Funding

Orange City Council, at its meeting held on 22 October, resolved to exhibit for 28 days the following:

1    Funding to Roundhouse Entertainment

Council intends to provide funding to Roundhouse Entertainment for the Heifer Station A Day on the Green to support the event and site establishment as follows:

  • Year 1 2019/20 – $40,000
  • Year 2 2020/21 – $10,000
  • Year 3 2021/22 – $10,000

Report – A Day on the Green

2    Event Sponsorship to Jumbled

Jumbled are seeking event sponsorship for a Creative Business Bootcamp. It is proposed that Council allocate $1,000. As Jumbled is a business acting for profit, it is placed on public exhibition for public comment.

Report – Event Sponsorship – Jumbled

The deadline for comment is 5.00pm Wednesday 20 November 2019.

2. Rosedale Gardens re-zoning on-exhibition for comment

A proposal for a new housing subdivision at the northern end of Leeds Parade is being considered by Orange City Council.

The proposal would involve a re-zoning of agricultural and industrial land into a residential zoning, and the amendment to Orange Local Environmental Plan (to be known as LEP Amendment 13) has now been placed on exhibition for community comment.

From now until 1 November the community are invited to review and comment upon a planning proposal, known as LEP Amendment 13.

More information about the proposal can be found on this page.

3. Audited Financial Statements

The 2018-2019 Audited Financial Statements have been completed are will be presented to a Council meeting on 3 December 2019.

The completed statement can be downloaded from the Annual Reports page.

4. Expression of Interest – Priest Lane

Council is seeking expressions of interest from people interested in leasing an area of vacant land in Priest Lane and running alongside the northern bypass.

More information can be downloaded here :  Expression of Interest – Lease – Priest Lane

The closing date for receiving expressions of interest is is 5pm Friday 13 December 2019.

5. Public Exhibition – Strategic Policy – Water Carting ST077

Council, at its meeting held on 19 November 2019, resolved to place on public exhibition its draft Strategic Policy – Water Carting, for public comment.

Report – Strategic Policy – Water Carting

The deadline for comment is 5.00pm Wednesday 18 December 2019.

Having your say

Orange City Council seeks community input and feedback on a range of issues. Stakeholder engagement is an important element of the Council decision-making process.

Comments and submissions must be made in writing so they can be seriously considered and the information collated into a report to be considered by a council meeting. Comments can only be considered as formal submissions if the author’s details are included.

People who wish to have their say should keep the mind that written submissions from the community may be made public as part of a report to a Council meeting.

Because a number of matters are always up for public comment, submissions must make it clear which topic is being addressed.

You can find more information here about making a submission to Orange City Council.

Submissions can be sent by mail to:
Orange City Council
General Manager
PO Box 35
Orange NSW  2800

Submissions can also be made by email to : council@orange.nsw.gov.au