On exhibition for public comment and Expressions of Interest

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As part of its decision-making processes,  Orange City Council frequently puts significant proposed changes of policy or direction on public exhibition to invite comment from the community, before a final decision is taken.

Other opportunities to engage with the council are put openly to the whole community when the Council seeks ‘expressions of interest’ on a proposal. On this page, you can find details of a number of matters which are currently up for public comment or seeking expressions of interest, along with :

  • links where you can find more information or download documents.
  • the deadline date for making a comment or expressing an interest.
  • details of how to make a public submission or community comment.

There are routinely a number of planning matters, including proposed Development Applications, which are also on display for comment. Details of these planning matters can be found here and here.

Items on display for community comment, or seeking expressions of interest.

Draft Orange Contributions Plan 

State Planning legislation (Section 7.11 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act, 1979 (EP&A Act)) lets local councils levy developer contributions, as a condition of development consent, towards the cost of providing local public infrastructure and facilities required as a consequence of development.
Council, at its meeting held on 4 July 2017, resolved to adopt the Orange Development Contributions Plan 2017. The 2017 Plan has been in operation since adoption. The Plan is now due for review and update.
In line with the newly-adopted Orange Local Housing Strategy, a draft Orange Contributions Plan 2022 (OCP 2022) has been drafted to capture proposed new urban release areas and their associated infrastructure. A review of the existing catchment areas from the 2017 Plan was undertaken to review future infrastructure needs and to update infrastructure costs.
The 7 June 2022 Council meeting decided to place the draft plan on exhibition for community comment for 28 days.
The draft plan can be downloaded here:
Deadline for community comments and submissions: 22 July 2022
More information about Making a Submission can be found here.