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 135 Byng St, Orange
 02 6393 8000
 [email protected]

Grave Location Search

You can find the location of a grave by downloading the grave location spreadsheet. A quick way to find the grave location of a loved one is by searching by surname. Once downloaded, open the spreadsheet and press Ctrl F (PC) or Cmd F (Mac) on your keyboard and search by surname.

Grave location [.xlsx]Cemetery Map [.pdf]

The Orange cemetery is a tranquil place for quiet reflection and for remembering loved ones who have passed away. The grounds are steeped in history, with the oldest surviving headstone dating back to 1854. Located in Lone Pine Avenue, the cemetery is open from 7.30am and the gates are closed at sunset each day. The cemetery has a historic monument section, which is now closed to burials.

The denominational lawn sections include Roman Catholic, Anglican, Greek Orthodox, Independent, Methodist, Uniting, Plymouth Brethren, Baptist, Congregational, Salvation Army, Bahai sections and a baby lawn section. A number of the denominational lawn sections are also now closed to new burials and are only available for burials if allotments have been reserved. The cemetery continues to cater for people with existing burial rights in both the monumental section and the lawn sections.

In 2007, after a number of the denominational lawn sections became full, a non-denominational lawn section began to be used, and this is now where almost all new burials at the Orange cemetery happen. Cremated remains can also be placed in these graves. There is a memorial rose garden for the interment of ashes. There is also an ‘environmental interment’ section, Melaleuca Gardens, which is landscaped as a bushland setting. Names of people buried in this section are shown on plaques on a central plinth rather than locating them on each gravesite. The option of being buried in a shroud in also available in this section of the cemetery.

The fees for burials and other services provided by the cemetery can be found in Orange City Council’s annual Fees and Charges 2022-2023 document. Contact Council’s Cemetery Administrative Assistant on (02) 6393 8000 for more information or assistance in locating a reserve.

Location of the Cemetery here.


Orange City Council would like to acknowledge the many years of commitment by Orange Family History Group to transcribing and photographing headstones, GPS positioning and researching obituaries which has made this database possible.