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Orange City Council meeting Tuesday February 17, 2021

By February 17, 2021February 18th, 2021News

Here is  a brief summary of some of the key decisions from last night’s (Tuesday February 17,2021) Orange City Council meeting. 

Report to consider conservatorium funding options

Council staff will be looking at all the options of funding plans to build a new Conservatorium/Planetarium project.

A concept image of the proposed Conservatorium and Planetarium

A concept image of the proposed Conservatorium and Planetarium

The $20 million project recently had planning approval granted but a $5 million shortfall in the budget prompted a motion from Cr Russel Turner considered at last night’s meeting.

The passed motion calls for staff to prepare a report for the next Council meeting on how shortfalls in funding for the proposed Orange Regional Conservatorium and Planetarium can be funded through Council reserves or borrowings.

Call for roundabout report

Last night’s meeting voted in favour of a motion from Cr Glenn Taylor to investigate the feasibility, viability, costs and funding options for the construction of a roundabout to replace the current traffic lights on the corner of the Northern Distributor Road and Telopea Way.

The report will look at pedestrian access options.

Council’s water management under review

Last night’s meeting considered an ‘annual’ report about how staff managed water resources.

The meeting heard:

  • As a resilient community we managed our use of water well (best in State, down to 115 Litres per person per day for domestic use);
  • Even under the last drought we maintained at least 12 months’ supply in our storages; and
  • Through collaboration with State and other Local Government Water Utilities we secured $15.5M in funding for projects that will improve water security for Orange for the next drought.

The report listed three new projects which will impact on the next drought:

  • Spring Creek Dam to Icely Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Pipeline $5M Project

    Suma Park Dam at 62 per cent

  • Blackmans Swamp Creek Stormwater Harvesting Stage 2 $7.5M
  • Cowra to Central Tablelands Water (CTW) Pipeline Connection

Policies under review

In the latest step in a long term process of reviewing the breadth of council strategies policies, last night’s meeting voted to place three recently reviewed policies on exhibition for comment.

The three polices are the Codes of Conduct for staff, Councillors, Committee Members, Delegates of Council and Council Advisors, together with arrangements for managing Gifts & Benefits.

Funding request prompts request for more information

Last night’s meeting debated a request from local organisation ‘Hearts for Orange’ for $50,000 to fund a proposed marketing campaign for the first half of 2021.

The meeting passed a recommendation asking the organisation for more details about how the funding would be used, and the outcomes measured.

In brief:

Last night’s meeting voted to support a motion from Cr Scott Munro to investigate the feasibility of a safe off road or shoulder cycle loop on Huntley and Forest Roads

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