Orange City Council responds to Orange’s first confirmed COVID-19 cases

By March 13, 2020 March 24th, 2020 COVID-19, News

Orange City Council CEO David Waddell has responded to Orange’s first confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus.

“Today’s confirmation that the virus has reached Orange is in line with expectations, and we’ve preparing for this timeline for weeks,” David Waddell said.

“Orange is not Robinson Crusoe and like many other regional centres, we’re part of a global community. Orange is a close-knit, sensible community and I’m confident we’ll be able to work with each other to get through this crisis together.”

“Orange City Council will work in line with NSW Health and other national health agencies to implement the evidence-based guidance these bodies are providing. These are the bodies with expertise in managing a situation like this and Council will take advice and follow directives from government agencies and health authorities.

“It’s clear we’re going to be living with this situation for a while, and for that reason that it’s important we manage these decisions thoughtfully and responsibly.

Orange City Council CEO, David Waddell

“As an example, health authorities have already made clear recommendations about use of cleaning hands and cough etiquette. We’ve already introduced measures to make sure these measures are being actively encouraged at facilities such as the Aquatic Centre and council child care centres.

“The Council provides a range of essential services and we have plans to manage the process of continuing to provide those services in the months to come. In a situation like this, it can’t be business as usual, but we’ll be doing our level best to provide those services, and we’ll continue to monitor the situation.

“All council facilities are continuing to operate.

“If authorities respond to new evidence with new recommendations, we will respond promptly. We’ve established clear lines of communication with regional health authorities so that all sides can stay in the loop in the coming months.

“We understand that people who routinely use Council services will want to know more about what’s happening, and we’ll continue to meet that need for information.”

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