Orange City Council road reseals begin for 2019

By January 25, 2019 News

Road works near two Orange schools have been completed in time for the return of term as crews now focus on Cargo Road and several reseals around the city. 

Orange City Council crews will be back on the scene at Cargo Road, after work was temporarily suspended in order to prioritise works near schools, during the school holidays.

The Cargo Road project began with contractors installing about 1300 metres of underground storm water pipes, the largest of which was 1200 mm in diameter.

Once complete, the road will be widened to 10 metres and raised.

Downer employees laying hot-mix asphalt at the Anson Street and Matthews Avenue intersection

Downer employees laying hot-mix asphalt at the Anson Street and Matthews Avenue intersection

Weather dependent, the Cargo Road project is expected to be completed in March.

Next week, one lane will be open of the Northern Distributor Road between Ophir Road and Icely Road, from Thursday, as contractor, Downer, places the second stage of works and final layer of asphalt in that section.

This will bring the total thickness of surface on that section to 250 millimetres.

Work will also begin on Tuesday on sections between Icely Road and the Mitchell highway.

This work will involve removing the existing material and replacing it with a granular road base and should be completed in one day.

In the meantime, Council crews have been working at the intersection between Anson Street and Matthews Avenue, near Bletchington Street Public School to make the area safer in time for term one.

The $ 300,000 project, funded by the state government, involved re-building and raising the intersection by 11 centimetres.

The intersection was finished with hot mix asphalt and concrete. At each road of the intersection, there is a 1.5 metre long ramp to bring vehicles up to the 11 cm height of the platform.

New street lighting has also been installed.

The intersection is open in time for the return of school students, with a few minor jobs to be completed.

A road rehabilitation was also completed near Glenroi Heights Public School in Maxwell Avenue, as well as work is Moad Place.

Orange City Council has employed a contractor, State Asphalt Services, to complete a number of road re-seals recently.

These include:

  • Turner Crescent
  • Phillip Street
  • Wahratta Way
  • Margaret Street
  • Sale Street
  • Jubilee Avenue
  • Bonanza Place
  • Ophir Street
  • Dalton Street
  • Hampden Avenue
  • Clinton Street – Kite to Summer Streets.

The corner of Endsleigh Avenue and Churchill Avenue will be closed for a day on Wednesday while it receives a hot-mix asphalt upgrade.

For added safety, the seal is designed to be more skid-resistant as this area has a high crash history.

The road will be closed, from Churchill Avenue at Edward Street to Endsleigh Avenue at Caroline Street.

The area will be closed form about 7am to 4pm but residents of the area will still be able to come and go during the closure.


  • Nick Aspros says:

    Good to see some road fixes around Orange. A few suggestions:
    – A Roundabout is needed at the Moulder and Peisley Street intersection.
    – A Roundabout is needed at the Mathews Avenue and Hill Street intersection.
    – Hot Mix should be used NOT tar and blue stone is required in Moulder Street between Anson Street and Hill Street.


  • ben says:

    do you still update your Building Better Roads page map that’s on your Say Orange page? if so when is it going to be done this year

    • Council Communications says:

      Hi Ben, thanks for the comment. We are aiming to keep that map up to date. it’s certainly on our radar and we’ll get to it as soon as we can. there’s plenty of road work happening at the moment and as soon as it slows a little we’ll be sure to catch up.

  • Luke says:

    What about Burrendong way between Phillip str and the bypass this road is terrible and a degraded

    • Andrew says:

      I agree with Luke. I have been told that this section was on the cards for the last 6 years and recently there was a lot of money spent on an underground services survey which will be wasted if nothing is done because all the survey markers will dissapead and they will have to waste more money doing it over again. Come on #Orange council – stop wasting our money.

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