Orange intersections to be ugraded for extra safety

By February 14, 2019 News, Roads

Three Orange intersections with a record of road accidents will be upgraded with $1.4 million funding, announced today.

Deputy premier John Barilaro announced $8.5 million in funding to improve the safety of central west roads.

The RMS will spend $4.9 million upgraded safety and wire barriers on the Mitchell Highway and other Orange district roads.

Cabonne Council will spend $2.7 million to work on roads in the Cabonne local government area.

FUNDING : Deputy premier John Barilaro visits the region to announce $8.5 million in new road safety funding.

Orange City Council plans to use its share of the funding to build :

  • a new roundabout at the corner of Hill St and Matthews Ave.
  • a new roundabout at the corner of McLachlan and March Streets, and
  • new pedestrian platforms at the corner of Lords Place and Franklin Road

At each of the intersections, accident records show four people have been injured over the last five years.

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