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Are you interested in organising an event on Council owned or managed land and not sure where to start?

On this page is helpful information to guide you with your application process and resources to assist with making your event a success. To host an event on Council owned or managed land, you must submit an Event Application form, for either a Category 1 or a Category 2 event, along with supporting documentation to Council at least 4 weeks prior to the event. Event date for your requested venue cannot be secured for you until the event application form has been returned. Required documentation you must complete:

Event Application Form – Category 1 or Category 2 (details below)

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Site Plan

Public Liability insurance of $20 million noting Orange City Council as an interested Party – (if ineligible for causal hirers insurance)

Additional information may be required which is dependent on your event such as a food permit, liquor license, event management plan or traffic control plans. If you have any questions about organising an event at a Council owned or managed venue, please contact Council on (02) 6393 8000.


Events are held for many reasons and can vary in sizes and locations. For this reason, the Council classifies events into two different categories.

Category 1 Events

Small events such as a wedding ceremony, birthday party or small school sporting events are classified as a Category 1 event if:

  • The event is not open to the public
  • No more than 150 people will be attending
  • No alcohol will be sold
  • No food will be sold
  • No mechanical amusement rides will be present, and
  • No traffic disruption will occur.

If a small event is held on private property, Council approval is not required.

Category 1 Event Application Form

Category 2 Event

Large events such as festivals, markets, car shows and fundraisers are classified as a Category 2 event if they include any of the following:

  • The event is open to the public
  • More than 150 people will be attending
  • Alcohol will be sold
  • Food will be sold
  • Mechanical amusement rides will be present
  • There will be traffic disruption or a road closure
  • There will be noise/parking implications
  • There will be large temporary structures/stages, and/or
  • There will be fireworks displays
Category 2 Event Application Form

Risk assessment

To assist you in completing the required documentation to support your event application, these guides and templates have been created. A risk assessment can provide an overview of identified hazards or risk factors that have the potential to cause harm that could occur at your event. By then rating these risks and implementing control measures, you can reduce associated risk or hazards at your event for the safety of attendees. Please review the below documents to create a suitable Risk Assessment. The Risk Management will guide you on the correct steps and information to create a detailed Risk Assessment in the template provided.

Site Plan

The event organiser must create a site plan of their event and provide to Council with their Event Application Form. The site plan will outline the proposed location of the event to include all elements associated with the event such as, entrances and exits, proposed power access, location of temporary structures (e.g. marquees, food trucks), toilets, first aid area and any other elements which are specific to your event. To assist you in completing a site plan this guide has been created for further information and examples.

Event Management Plan

An Event Management Plan is not always a required document to provide to Council however for large public events, especially those involving road closure or disruptions it is recommended to complete an Event Management Plan, Waste Management, Alcohol Management Plan, Disability Inclusion Plan and/or Traffic Management Plan. You may be asked to supply these documents to support your event application or to other Council departments or external agencies. In turn, these documents can also be supplied to your stakeholders (e.g. vendors or stallholders) to provide them with greater information on the event and the protocols you have in place. Information on creating some of these guides are available in the Useful Guides & Resources Tab.

Casual Hirers Insurance

Orange City Council can offer Casual hirers insurance under the following criteria; A Casual Hirer is any person or group of persons that:

  • Is not, or does not represent an incorporated body
  • Is hiring the venue for non-commercial or non-profit making purposes.
  • Acknowledges that they are hiring the Council owned or managed land less frequently than once per calendar month or 12 times per calendar year

Council will assess if you are eligible for coverage under Council’s Casual Hirer’s Public Liability Insurance. If there is a claim against this policy you will be liable for the claim deductible (excess) amount of $2,500.

If not eligible for coverage under Council’s Casual Hirer’s Public Liability Insurance, you must provide a Certificate of Currency of Public Liability Insurance to a minimum of $20 million and noting Orange City Council as an interested party. Insurers must be Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) approved.

If you have any questions regarding causal hirers insurance please contact the Administration and Governance team on 6393 8000 or [email protected]

Venue Hire

Council has many parks, sports grounds, outdoor and indoor areas in which an event can be hosted to suit your event needs. We recommend an inspection of the venue before finalising your event plans to ensure it has the facilities you require such as power, water, toilets, capacity, entry/exits parking etc. For more information on some of our most popular event spaces for hire, please see:

For a full list of all Council owned or managed Parks, Sports grounds, outdoor and indoor facilities available to host events please visit the Venue Hire page.  Here you will also find contact details for the most relevant staff member to speak to in relation to a specific venue.

Event Sponsorship

Orange City Council supports and appreciates how events contribute to the local community. Orange City Council invites organisers wishing to host an event in the Orange Local Government Area to review our Event Sponsorship Guidelines [.pdf] and to apply for an Event Sponsorship contribution.

For information on eligibility, how to apply and key dates, visit the Event Sponsorship page.

Community Event Calendar

We encourage event organisers to add their event to our online Community Event Calendar. The calendar displays community events happening in Orange, including local business events such as trivia nights or music nights.

To add your event visit, the Add Your Event page, meet the criteria and complete the online form to register the event. Please note it can take up to 3 days to publish your event on the calendar.

Street banner

Event organisers can enquire to use Orange’s Summer Street poles to erect street banner in promotion of their event. For more information, including zoning and pricing please visit the Street Banner page.

Oragnising an event in Orange