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Pipeline and storm water boost water supply

By September 7, 2018News

The Macquarie to Orange Pipeline is flowing fast after rainfalls in the region over night.

The pipeline coupled with the inflows from Orange’s storm water harvesting scheme is working to help maintain Orange’s water supply.

Orange Mayor Reg Kidd said the city was well placed to weather the drought the state was experiencing.

“People should still be vigilant and conserve water where they can,” Cr Kidd said.

“Council made the tough decisions in the past and fought hard to get the Macquarie Pipeline project off the ground and the storm water harvesting scheme constructed, and we’re now reaping that benefit.

“Our Suma Park water storage level is at about 47 per cent, and it would be a lot lower if we hadn’t used the pipeline in February to top up the dam.

“The storm water harvesting scheme is working beautifully with about 168ML in a storage pond and about 6.5 ML per day has flowed into Suma Park dam in the past 10 days.

“While these methods are boosting our supply, we won’t completely escape the effects of the drought we’re in and we need to work together to reduce our water consumption.”

Deputy Mayor and Infrastructure Committee Chair Sam Romano said it was important everyone in the community did their bit to reduce water usage.

“We all need to do our bit to save water and a few changes around the house will help,” Cr Romano said.

“It’s fantastic that our community is using less than 170 litres per person per day.

“If we can reduce our water usage even further and we get a few good spring and summer rains we can avoid level 3 water restrictions.

“The good news is, the water level has remained steady over the last two weeks because of the good inflows from the storm water harvesting scheme.

“That is now being complemented by the Macquarie Pipeline.”

While the Macquarie River flows are above 119 ML per day, Council is aiming to pump 11.97 MLs. It is currently pumping 175 L per second.

The natural surface runoff from the Summer Hill Catchment into the dam is about 1.8ML/day.

About 12 ML per day is being taken from Suma Park dam to service the city’s needs.

Tips for reducing water usage:
 Take shorter showers. Limit time spent in the shower to soap up, wash down, and rinse off. Shorter showers save on energy costs associated with heating water.
 Use a bucket to collect water while waiting for the shower to get hot.
 Insulate hot water pipes. This avoids wasting water while waiting for hot water to flow through and saves energy.
 Make sure your hot water system thermostat is not set too high. Adding cold water to reduce the temperature of very hot water is wasteful.
 A running tap uses about 16 litres of water per minute.
 A dripping tap can waste up to 20,000 litres a year. That’s a lot of water, so if your tap is dripping you should be getting it fixed.
 Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth. Wet your brush and use a glass for rinsing.
 Don’t rinse your razor under a running tap. Filling the basin with a little warm water is just as effective and less wasteful.
 Only use the dishwasher when you have a full load.
 Use the rinse-hold setting on the dishwasher, if it has one, rather than rinsing dishes under the tap.
 To avoid wasting drinking water from a running tap, collect it in a bottle or jug and store it in the fridge until it is cool enough to drink.
 Wash your clothes in the washing machine with a full load and you will save 10 litres of water each wash.
 Use the sud-saver option – if your machine has one – when you have several loads to wash.

Head to for advice, tips and videos on how to save water and save money in the home.

The Macquarie Pipeline pumps water into Suma Park dam.

The Macquarie Pipeline pumps water into Suma Park dam.


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