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Orange’s Planning Story

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When preparing to develop building projects in Orange, it is important to understand:

Once you are familiar with what applies to your land, including relevant zones, bushfire protection areas or water supply catchment areas, you can refer to the LEP to firstly determine whether the proposal is permissible within the Zone and whether it meets the relevant provisions.

The Development Control Plans examine issues associated with site analysis and design, and provides principles and performance criteria for site responsive design, context and design solutions for development. The Council has a number of DCPs, some providing guidelines for a type of development or activity, some applying to specific localities. In most instances, the DCP’s title gives a reasonable indication of its purpose.

The Development Contribution Plans should also be considered.

The Economic Development Community Committee Draft Charter is designed to guide the Orange community to plan and grow an innovative, diverse and balanced economy while protecting the character of the City and the region.

It is recommended that the SEPPS, LEPs and DCPs be fully considered prior to preparing a DA.

Development Servicing Plans for Water Supply and Sewerage

Water Supply and Sewerage developer charges are up-front charges levied by Local Water Utilities to recover part of the infrastructure costs incurred in servicing new developments or additions/changes to existing developments.

The power for Local Government Councils to levy developer charges for Water Supply and Sewerage derives from Section 64 of the Local Government Act 1993 by means of a cross-reference in that Act to sections 305 to 307 of the Water Management Act 2000.


Water Supply Development Servicing Plan July 2009

Sewerage Development Servicing Plan November 2012

Both Development Servicing Plans were prepared in accordance with the now superseded “Developer Charges Guidelines for Water Supply, Sewerage and Stormwater, December 2002” (Department of Land and Water Conservation). Council is currently reviewing these plans in accordance with the 2016 Developer Charges Guidelines for Water Supply, Sewerage and Stormwater (Department of Primary Industries Water)