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Development Control Plan (DCP)

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Development Control Plans

The Development Control Plans provide details and criteria for assessing development to support the statutory provisions of Orange LEP 2011. The plans provide information to guide development and also make reference to other plans, maps and supporting material to assist in achieving planning outcomes appropriate to the City.

The plans are also intended as an educational resource for planning in the City that helps to explain issues and measures that affect the development of Orange and to provide alternative planning solutions to issues.

Here you can find formal notifications of the adoption of recent DCPs.

File Format
DCP 00 Cover Page and Contents.pdf
DCP 00 Transitional Provisions.pdf
DCP 01 Introduction.pdf
DCP 02 Natural Resource Management.pdf
DCP 03 General Considerations.pdf
DCP 04 Special Environmental Considerations.pdf
DCP 04A Flood Affected Land.pdf
DCP 05 General Considerations for Zones and Development.pdf
DCP 06 Rural Development.pdf
DCP 06A Animal Boarding or Training Establishments- Horse Breeding or Training Establishments.pdf
DCP 07 Development in Residential Areas.pdf
DCP 08 Development in Business Zones.pdf
DCP 09 Development in the Industry and Employment Zone.pdf
DCP 10 Special Uses and Roads Zones.pdf
DCP 11 Land Used for Open Space and Recreation.pdf
DCP 12 Rural Environment Protection Zone.pdf
DCP 13 Heritage.pdf
DCP 14 Advertising.pdf
DCP 15 Car Parking.pdf
DCP 16 Appendices – Criteria Schedules & Conditions & City Entrance and Plan Maps.pdf
Map 1 – Residential Unit Development in Orange.pdf
Map 2 – North Orange Residential Areas.pdf
Map 3 – Waratah Estate.pdf
Map 4 – Ploughmans Valley Overall Plan.pdf
Map 5 – Ploughmans Valley Area.pdf
Map 6 – Ploughmans Valley Area 2.pdf
Map 7 – Ploughmans Valley Area 2 – Option A.pdf
Map 8 – Ploughmans Valley Area 3.pdf
DCP 17 West End Precinct Development Control Plan.pdf
DCP 18 Orange Eastside Precinct Development Control Plan.pdf
Adoption of Draft Development Control Plan 2004.pdf
Adoption of Amendment to Development Control Plan May 2008.pdf
Adoption of Draft Amendment to Development Control Plan June 2010.pdf
Adoption of Draft Amendment to Development Control Plan February 2011.pdf
Adoption of Draft Amendment to Development Control Plan October 2011.pdf
Adoption of Draft Amendment to Development Control Plan 2012.pdf

Phillip Street DCP

Phillip Street has been defined as comprising lands to the north of the Northern Distributor Road and Ophir Road roundabout, west of Ophir Road and south of Phillip Street. The Phillip Street DCP and Precinct Plan recognises this area as a new urban release area for Orange.

The plan provides specific design controls as well as providing the location of the road network and lot layout that is consistent with the minimum lot sizes pursuant to the Orange Local Environmental Plan 2011.

The plan documents can be downloaded from these links:

Phillip Street DCP

Phillip Street Precinct Plan A3 Master Plan

Phillip Street Precinct Plan (Noise Contour) A3 Master Plan

Advertisement – Phillip Street Draft Development Control Plan adopted (254KB)

This advertisement was published in the Central Western Daily on Saturday, 13 December 2014.

Hard copies of the Phillip Street DCP and Precinct Plan may also be inspected at the Customer Service Counter of the Civic Centre (ground floor), Byng Street, Orange during normal office hours.

Shiralee DCP

Orange City Council’s meeting  on 2 September 2014 adopted the Shiralee Development Control Plan (DCP). This decision came after significant community consultation. The Orange City Council meeting on Tuesday 6 May put the Masterplan on display for public comment. Submissions closed on Monday 16 June, 2014.

The plan was assembled following a long period of community consultation. Each person or organisation which made a submission received a written response from the City Council. The South Orange Masterplan Post Exhibition Report was presented to the 2 September, 2014 Council meeting.

ThisMedia Release issued after the 2 September meeting outlines more information about the adoption of the plan, and the expected time-lines when the first development changes might begin.

During 2015 an amendment to the Shiralee Control Plan was the subject of a community consultation.After a community consultation, Orange City Council’s meeting on 15 December 2015 adopted the new DCP. The adopted version of the Shiralee Development Control Plan 2015 (16.4 MB) can downloaded here.

Advertisement - adoption of Draft Amendments to Development Control Plans 

Advertisement - adoption of Shiralee Master Plan Development Control Plan

This advertisement was published in Central Western Daily on Saturday, 27 September 2014.