Community strategic plan

The Community Strategic Plan is Orange City Council’s chief planning document and financial blue-print. It aims to outline the aspirations and needs of the Orange community together with expected levels of service alongside financial modelling, asset management strategies and projected resources.

The Community Strategic Plan is a 10 year plan to guide Council and community activity. It is a State legislative requirement to develop this plan which will provide the community with a blueprint for its long-term growth, community development and infrastructure renewal.

The latest plan was developed in consultation with the community, Councillors and Council staff. It was adopted at the June 2018 meeting

The adopted CSP documents can be downloaded from these links.

Community Strategic Plan

From the community strategic plan, Council has developed Activate Orangenew blue-print for Orange’s economic future.

The result of research, analysis and community consultation, the Activate Orange plan is built on the emerging strengths of the local economy to make a bold pitch for more than $170 million in funding from both the state and federal governments, to turn Orange into the economic powerhouse of inland NSW.

Delivery Operational Plan 2019-2023

~ This document contains the council’s annual budget for the 2019/2020 financial year.

Fees and Charges 2019-20

~ This document contains the fees to be charged by Orange City Council for providing goods and services during the 2019/2020 financial year. These fees c0me into effect on 1 July 2019.

Long Term Financial Plan 2019-20 to 2028-29

~ This long-term planning document puts other planning strategies into a ten-year context.

Workforce Management Plan Strategy 2019 23

~ This workforce planning document outlines Orange City Council’s workforce strategies for the next three years.

Strategic Policy – ST007 – Asset Management

Asset Management Strategy – 2017/18 – 2036/37

The Asset Management Strategy is the document which outlines council-wide plans for the next 20 years to provide for :

  • the long-term replacement of major assets
  • the delivery of new assets and
  • the renewal or upgrading of existing assets to meet service delivery objectives

Asset Management Plans

Asset Management Plans detail what Orange City Council intends to spend on its asset portfolio over the next 20 years.

Here are Council’s 2019/2020 asset management plans:

2019-20 Aerodrome Final AMP

2019-20 Water Supply AMP

2019-20 Transport AMP-Final

2019-20 Sewerage AMP

2019-20 POSAMP-Final

2019-20 Drainage AMP-Final

2019-20 Building AMP

2019-20 Aquatic Centre AMP



2018-19 AM Strategy OCC – Final