Council strategic policies

PolicyPolicy Number
Access to Information held by Council[.pdf]ST083
Ageing and Disability Services [.pdf]ST101
Disability Services - Support Provision [.pdf]ST102
Aquatic Centre Conditions of Entry [.pdf]ST136
Asbestos Management Policy [.pdf]

Asbestos Management Plan [.pdf]

Asbestos Register [.pdf]
Asset Management[.pdf]ST007
Banners in Central Business District [.pdf]ST008
Buy Local Purchasing [.pdf]ST109
Central West Libraries[.pdf]ST002
Child Safe[.pdf]ST146
Climate ChangeST148
Code of Conduct - Council Staff ST010
Code of Conduct - Council Advisors ST110
Code of Meeting Practice ST050
Community EngagementST011
Complaint Management Policy and Procedure [.pdf]ST016
Council Communications[.pdf}ST049
Councillors Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities [.pdf]ST020
Councillors Access to Information and their Interaction with Staff [.pdf]ST019
Customer Service Obligation [.pdf]ST021
Debt Recovery [.pdf]ST095
Declaration of Planning and Development Assessment Procedures and Protocols [.pdf]ST024
Donations and Grants ST029
Enterprise Risk Management and Toolkit [.pdf]ST056
Event Cancellation [.pdf]ST143
Events on Council Owned Managed Land PolicyST142
Event Sponsorship Program [.pdf]ST144
Fraud and Corruption Prevention [.pdf]ST088
Gallery CollectionST032
Gallery - Exhibitions [.pdf]ST036
Gallery - Public Art [.pdf]ST037
Gallery - Usage for Commercial Project Ventures [.pdf]ST038
Gifts and Benefits ST039
Hiring of Civic Precinct Facilities and Equipment [.pdf]ST085
Investment of Council Funds [.pdf]ST042
Itinerant Trading [.pdf]ST043
Liquid Trade Waste [.pdf]ST046
Loan Guarantee [.pdf]ST005
Orange City Library - Community Use [.pdf]ST091
Orange Regional Museum Heritage Collection [.pdf]ST131
Orange Regional Museum Sponsorship Policy and Procedure [.pdf]ST137
Outdoor Dining Areas [.pdf]ST107
Overdraft Facilities [.pdf]ST132
Parking - Off Street Provisions [.pdf]ST108
Photographic Recording of Heritage Items [.pdf]ST116
Priority Weeds [.pdf]ST106
Privacy and Personal Information Policy and Attachment [.pdf]ST092
Private Works on Roadways [.pdf]ST057
Public Interest Disclosures and Internal Reporting Policy and Procedure [.pdf]ST059
Purchasing [.pdf]ST093
Records Management for Councillors [.pdf]
Related Parties [.pdf]ST138
Revenue and Pricing [.pdf]ST009
Sewer Infrastructure Services [.pdf]ST130
Smoke Free Zones [.pdf]ST120
Statement of Business Ethics [.pdf]
Swimming Pool Barrier Inspection Program [.pdf]ST128
Use of Council Logo [.pdf]ST112
Use of Orange City Council Websites [.pdf]ST097
Vandalism Reporting Reward Scheme [.pdf]ST100
Vehicle Access - Orange Airport[.pdf]ST134
Voluntary Planning Agreement and Procedure [.pdf]ST124
Water Carting [.pdf]ST077
Water Supply [.pdf]ST129
Whiteway Lighting[.pdf]ST114
Working on Council's Water and Sewer StructureST125