Orange City Pound

36 Astill Drive, Orange
 02 6393 8990

The Orange City Pound is a purpose built facility designed to care for the city’s stray cats and dogs until they are reunited with their owners or adopted out to rescue organisations.

The pound is designed with the welfare of the animal first and foremost and contains insulated kennels for 32 dogs and 18 cages for cats, as well as four under-cover kennels at the front of the facility for dogs to be dropped-off outside of hours. The building is equipped with an isolation room for sick pets to prevent the spread of disease, a veterinarian room, a cat room separate from where the dogs are kept, a hydro-bath and grassed exercise yards.

Our pound is designed for cats and dogs only, all other pets without a home, should be taken to the Orange RSPCA in William Street.

Drop-off kennels

The four drop-off kennels at the entrance to the pound are for the city’s stray dogs only. The kennels are secure, so once a dog is put in the kennel and the door is closed, it cannot be accessed by the public. Please call the pound as soon as you leave a dog in the kennel so staff can arrange to move the dog inside as soon as possible. It’s also helpful to staff if you can tell them where you found the dog so reuniting it with its owner may be made easier.

The drop-off kennels are designed for dogs only because roaming dogs are a potential safety concern for the community and need to be housed somewhere safe to protect themselves and people. Cats should not be left in the kennels. If you would like to drop-off a cat, please phone the pound.

Lost pet?

If your pet is microchipped and is missing from your home, it’s best to update the NSW Pet Registry and list your pet as missing. If your pet makes its way to the Orange pound, and its microchip details are up to date, it will be scanned as soon as it enters the pound and you will be called.

If your pet is not microchipped, check our Reuniting Orange’s Pets Facebook page. All found pets are posted on this page.

Pet adoptions

Cats and dogs, unable to be reunited with their owners and are suitable for re-homing are offered to a range of animal rescue organisations. If you are interested in adopting a pet it’s best you contact a local rescue group. In the coming months the pound will begin adopting out pets direct from the facility. Those pets will be advertised on our website and our Reuniting Orange Pet’s Facebook page.

Plan your visit

Opening hours

By appointment only
8.30am – 5pm
Monday to Friday

After Hours

Four secured under-cover kennels for dogs are available after hours


  • insulated kennels for 32 dogs
  • 18 cages for cats
  • four secured under-cover kennels for dogs to be dropped-off outside of hours
  • isolation room for sick pets to prevent the spread of disease
  • a veterinarian room
  • hydro-bath
  • grassed exercise yards


Orange City Pound is fully accessible for prams and wheel chairs.

  • Address: 36 Astill Drive, Orange, NSW 2800
  • Phone: (02) 6393 8990
  • Email: