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Proposed equine precinct re-zoning up for community comment

By May 2, 2019May 6th, 2019Business, Major DAs, News

A proposed re-zoning that would allow landholders nearby the Towac Park racecourse to develop their properties as part of an equine precinct, is now up for community comment.

The proposal, which came to the council from landholders, would reduce the minimum lot size to allow for the creation of mainly 2 hectare lifestyle blocks. The area would be used by horse owners and enthusiasts, making the most of close proximity of Towac Park, and also protect the Towac Park area from encroachment by incompatible uses.

Orange City Council Planning & Development Committee chair, Cr Russell Turner said the proposed changes would give land-owners in the area more options.

“With any change of zoning like this, it’s important to note that giving permission to allow something to happen if a landowners chooses, doesn’t make it compulsory for everyone who lives in that zone,” Cr Russell Turner said.

“Of course, it’s won’t be compulsory to own horses if you live in this area. It won’t restrict people who might buy there in future to only landholders who want to raise horses. The point of any zoning is to let you know what is allowed to happen in that neighbourhood, so you can choose whether to buy there on not.

“A re-zoning like this recognises the ranges of existing uses that are already happening, whether it’s people running sheep or cattle or land-owners with no livestock, and gives them the option of continuing with those uses.”

“The re-zoning proposals would also include a package of standards for structures like stables, round yards, equestrian training areas and the like. It would let ways be established for horses to have access to the Towac Park race track facility. Standards for on-site management of exercise, veterinary needs and breeding management for horses would be part of the package.

“Now is the time for community discussion and comment. Some will be happy with the proposals, others might want to suggest changes. Now is the time for the community to find out more and have their say.”

PROPOSAL : An L-shaped area to the south and west of the Towac Park racecourse is the area proposed for a re-zoning.


The proposal is to change the Orange Local Environmental Plan 2011, to include a package of proposals known as Amendment 17. It is now on public exhibition for comment. Draft additions to Orange Development Control Plan 2004 are also proposed, to support Amendment 17.

Amendment 17 involves rezoning land and adjusting the minimum lot size map in an L-Shaped area of rural land to the south and west of Towac Racecourse for the purpose of equine- related rural residential development in support of training, breeding, and horse management.

The proposed zoning is R5 Large Lot Residential to replace the current land zoning of RU1 Primary Production.

The proposed changes reduce the minimum lot size from 100ha to 2ha, for these properties:

  • 201 Canobolas Road – Lots 1 & 2 DP 584390, 
  • 207 Canobolas Road – Lot 11 DP 700977,
  • 259 Canobolas Road – Part Lot 2 DP 615542,
  • 474 Pinnacle Road – Lot 1 DP 310521,
  • 486 Pinnacle Road – Lot 144 DP 750401,
  • Pinnacle Road reserve – Lot 192 DP 750401,
  • 1 Ploughmans Lane – Lot 17 DP 846647,
  • 3 Ploughmans Lane – Lot 16 DP 846647
  • 5 Ploughmans Lane – Part Lot 15 DP 785177,
  • 7 Ploughmans Lane – Lot 14 DP 785177
  • 17 Ploughmans Lane – Lot 4 DP 700977,
  • 27 Ploughmans Lane – Lot 5 DP 700977,
  • 35 Ploughmans Lane – Lot 6 DP 700977,
  • 39 Ploughmans Lane – Lot 7 DP 700977,
  • 45 Ploughmans Lane – Lot 8 DP 700977,
  • 53 Ploughmans Lane – Lot 9 DP 700977,
  • 57 Ploughmans Lane – Lot 10 DP 700977, and reserves

Alongside the Amendment 17 proposal are proposed additions to the Development Control Plan. The proposed Development Control Plan addition includes objectives and standards for matters such as boundary setbacks for horse stables and the like.

The Planning Proposal for Amendment 17 and associated documents – including draft Development Control Plan provisions – may be inspected at the ground floor Customer Service Counter of the Civic Centre, 135 Byng Street, Orange during weekdays (9am to 5pm), and are available online.


The documents are also available online here.

This report, to the 14 August 2018 council meeting, provides a good summary of the project and the re-zoning process :

These plans include maps of the area that’s proposed to be re-zoned :

Altered Gateway determination from the Department of Planning & Environment

Original Gateway determination from DPE

Draft Equine Precinct DCP – from TRIM and Council Report

Geoscience NSW response

Letter to DPE – request to proceed to public exhibition phase

NSW EPA response

NSW OEH response

NSW RFS response

Planning Proposal – amended 3 May 2019

SEPP 55 – Preliminary Contamination Investigation




The ‘Making a Submission’ page provides information on how to make a submission on planning matters.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, June 7 2019.