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Road Safety

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All central west residents can  play an active part in improving road safety in our community.

We share our road network with a variety of road users for work and recreation. Our roles as road users can change from day to day. We may drive a car to work, or ride a bicycle for fun and become pedestrians for fitness or shopping.

Road safety is a community issue and the behaviour we demonstrate as road users has consequences for us all.

The Local Government Road Safety Program (LGRSP) was established in 1993 with the goal of increasing the involvement of Local Government and local communities in road safety planning and activities to reduce the incidence and severity of road trauma.

Road Safety Objectives

Orange City Council and Cabonne Council employ a Road Safety Officer with two key objectives:

  • Increase the priority of road safety within Local Government and Local Government agencies
  • Improve the coordination of Local Government road safety activities with state and national road safety initiatives

The position of Road Safety Officer (RSO) covers two neighbouring local government areas, the City of Orange and Cabonne Shire. Three funding bodies fund the Local Government Road Safety Program (LGRSP). These are Orange City Council, Cabonne Council and the NSW Government’s Road & Maritime Services  (RMS).

The role of the RSO is primarily as an educator in the community with a focus on behavioural change programs to facilitate safer road user practices. Programs are developed and implemented to address local road safety issues.

Road safety cannot be simply delivered. It must be practised. Broad community involvement is necessary to develop a culture where road safety is highly valued. Providing opportunities for community participation in road safety is beneficial to the community and imperative to the success of each program.

Free Cuppa campaign

The award-winning Free Cuppa for the Driver campaign has been running for the last eight years. Across western and south western NSW, more than 90 cafes supply free cuppa in a road safety campaign which targets driver-fatigue.

Business Registrations

Business registrations to participate in Free Cuppa for the Driver campaign open towards the end of each calendar year, for the campaign to run around the Easter school holiday period.

If your business offers tea or coffee (barista or instant) and is located within Western and South Western NSW, we would love to have you on board.

Please head to the Free Cuppa for the Driver Facebook page for information about how to sign up or find a cafe that serves a free cuppa near you.

You can also discover the latest news about the campaign on the Free Cuppa Facebook page.


What’s your Plan B? campaign 

The What’s your Plan B? campaign aims to boost public awareness of of the need to think ahead when it comes to getting home safely, and making a taxi your Plan B.

This annual campaign targets organisers of work Christmas parties, encouraging businesses to sign up and support the campaign. As they plan to keep their staff safe, they can also win free taxi vouchers.

Registration Form

    Privacy Statement

    Terms & Conditions: The first 10 businesses that register will be eligible for five $10 taxi vouchers each week. Taxi vouchers are limited to one voucher per trip per person. Taxi vouchers are capped at $10. Vouchers are not redeemable for cash and no change will be given on vouchers. Taxi voucher numbers are capped each week to ensure a fair distribution. Taxi vouchers without Council’s Road Safety Officer signature are invalid. Council’s decision on distribution of vouchers is final and non-disputable. Submitting this form does not guarantee voucher allocation. Council will contact your business if your application is successful.

    Log Book Run

    The Log Book Run is joint project of Orange and Cabonne Councils. It is a series of teaching workshops as well as a published booklet for the benefit of Learner Drivers. The project offers a range of driving experiences in the Orange and Cabonne areas that are designed to increase the skill level of learner drivers and to assist their supervisors. The booklet is available at Orange and Cabonne council offices.

    Log Book Run Registration Form

      Privacy Statement

      View a Log Book Run Map.

      The drives provided in the Log Book Run booklet are conducted on public roads and all road rules and speed limits should be followed.